Oh my, Reddit seems to be blocking Tor with a 503 error. From EU and US.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along...

Do site frequently hide behind a 503 when they're blocking?

I use a VPN. I'll get a 503 occasionally. Trying again a couple of minutes later still gives a 503. But if I change my exit node and try again, it always connects.

@Photorat I changed my exit node several times, since it is pretty common for me to find sites blocked by country or region.

I got the same response for EU, non-EU and US and Canada exit nodes.

I often see 403 forbiddens when something's blocked on Tor. Sometimes I get really odd custom message, like "Site is busy."

So they hide behind different excuses.

Do you think it's triggered because of momentary abuses coming via that source, or are they blocking just because they're assholes?

@Photorat Hah, that's hard to say.

It's common to block one exit node IP for abuse, but usually just switching nodes works. Not in this case.

If it keeps happening for days on multiple exit nodes and countries, then that smells like they have set up a blocklist for lots of Tor exit nodes, good and bad.

@spoon Ah, yes. I hadn't noticed the issue before with Reddit. I always Tor it, never use a normal browser.

It may be intermittent. I tried multiple exit nodes in several countries.

@thornedu Yeah it's really weird; I use Tor regularly too and didn't notice the earlier ones (I do use teddit mostly, though).

Did you try a non-US/EU exit? If not I can blacklist US/EU countries when setting up the circuit and test it (I forget exactly how to do it; I'll have to look again).

@spoon I had blockages with exit nodes in Belize, Canada, and Switzerland too, which sometimes get included in EU blockage and sometimes not.

We aren't the only ones then? Hmm. Something in the air perhaps - or in the ether.

@dsfgs Yeah, was this also happening to you?

I don't recall this happening to me before with Reddit, so I wonder if it is new policy or just temporary issue.

@thornedu I think so, just like with any other Silicon Valley company 🙄 😒

@datenschutzratgeber A nice, big earthquake would do wonders for Silicon Valley, I think.

@thornedu Who cares about this advertisement and tracking hell anyway?You can always get anonymous access using and it works really fine over Tor.

@nipos I agree, but for work I need to keep up with certain software threads. I don't use it outside Tor though.

@thornedu If you only need to read it and don't interact with it,then you can use it with Teddit which works over Tor.

@nipos You are exactly right. I would certainly like to no longer have to use it and just rely on Teddit - or get some of my coworkers on Matrix :)

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