If Brave is such a privacy oriented browser, why does it still call the domain googleapis.com ??

Have you been pwned by haveibeenpwned.com ?

Yes, you have by Cloudflare, Google and Microsoft.

It's a great way to let Google know that you are checking on your hacked Facebook account with the email address or phone number they didn't know about before ;)

Apple ID password limit is a mere 32 characters, hardly long enough for a decent passphrase.

Because the FBI complained about having to crack longer ones?


One of the "Restricted businesses" that may not use Stripe for collecting payments is "remote technical support;" which is considered a "high risk business".


After 50 years, computers are still mostly unreliable crap.

Oh my, Reddit seems to be blocking Tor with a 503 error. From EU and US.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along...


Downloaded Element to set up a Matrix account.

It uses Google Recaptcha - if you block Google domains, you can't sign up.

So you run an open source tool but use a proprietary, privacy destroying tool to control it? You are part of the problem not the solution.

When I try to put in a query in the contact form to Element if this is true on their hosted instances, I can't because it uses Cloudflare.

Jitsi.org has both Facebook and Google trackers in it.

Jitsi Meet (meet.jit.si/) doesn't but it does use Amplitude as a tracker: help.amplitude.com/hc/en-us/ar

JItsi is owned by a US (California) company called 8x8 - their "privacy" policy 8x8.com/terms-and-conditions/p is the usual suspects: they can share what they like including to its "group companies" which is getting to be very long list: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8x8

Sorry, I'll take my elsewhere.

Et tu, Brave?

If Brave browser is so great on then why it is trying to connect itself to Google behind my back?

It was just sitting there open, doing nothing, and tried to connect.

Not so private after all.

In addition to showing ads for its products in your email interface, Protonmail seems to be in bed with Cloudflare too: Protonmail status uses it.

Latest update to Brave seems to have a new domain it wants to connect to: variations.brave.com.

Anybody know what that is for?

Seems to be an empty AWS bucket?

My, my.

Looks like the updated Zoom Mac application now has integrated Google and Facebook tracking!

Dear Turtlefur,

You want me to "confirm my humanity"? Just to see your website?


I do it by caring about privacy and anonymity; by blocking all Google services; by refusing to use captchas and other broken insecure data stealers; and by never doing business with a company that does not respect or value privacy.

"Treecard" is a payment card that will charge merchants to use it and then plants trees with that money. That sounds like a good thing.

Unfortunately, its privacy policies are not....

- Uses Google, Cloudflare, and Amazon

- It's privacy policy is only available as a PDF

- It's privacy policy explicitly tells you it uses Google Analytics and Facebook pixels with the usual 'if you don't like that, go talk to them!' excuse.

Substack: "This site requires Javascript to run correctly...."

Actually, this should read:

"This site requires you to give up your information to Google because we decided your privacy is not important."

Which is why Substack it not the next new thing; it is just more of the same old crap.

"The Criterion Collection is committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others, period."

Yet, Disqus, Facebook, Google, New Relic, Segment and Stripe all load on every page.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Policies.

"To Understand How Science Denial Works, Look to History" says Scientific American.

"To Understand How Privacy Denial Works, Look at Us Block Tor" - also Scientific American

Protonmail has put back the blinking red icon again advertising their new product.

Last time they did this, they promised they would never do this again after all the negative feed back.

Fuck you, Proton.

I pay for no advertising and you have twice lied about it.


There is no "opening up." There is only Breaking Quarantine.

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