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Paul Battley @threedaymonk

Twitter is down, and this instance says I'm not following anyone (though I am). It's the end times!

Due to some reasons, I've been eating a lot of vegan food recently, and I have some observations. First, you can eat really well as a vegan. Second, the only problems with being vegan are social, not technical. (People think it's a bit odd, and animal products are everywhere.) Third, I have an increasingly uncomfortable feeling that they're probably right: that we cause harm unnecessarily by using animals. (I'm not a vegan though. But it's no longer unthinkable.)

After only a few months off, software development​ methodology discussions now feel as abstract and unimportant to me as Nestorianism.

@neet I don't think we have anything comparable. You could perhaps say "it's midnight!"

"… in the Ar" *CLICK* Oh no you don't.

My Maasai shuka brings all the bugs to the park.

@plexus That is a very fair point that did occur to me :-)

@plexus Is 像 correct? I'd have expected 象, but I'm going by the Japanese meanings of the characters, which might be different.

20 Items You Should Laboriously Click Through One At A Time In Order To Inflate Our Bullshit Page View Metrics

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So will there be a hierarchy of snobbery around which Mastodon instance you're using?

"Oh, I was here in the early days when was still accepting signup..."

The kora has come on a bit from its traditional form.

It might interest some of my friends to know that Lidl UK are selling bicycle maintenance stands for £25 at the moment.

Just been described as "an inspiration" at napping. I'll claim that accolade with pride.

Buying an always-on hot water dispenser is easily the second-best thing I've done in the past few weeks.

Beaucoup de francophones ici. 日本語はまだ見てない。いらっしゃるかな。

@paulc @Thayer @jabley Definitely just squatting, except for meta-chats about not using it.