No idea what will happen tonight. The Brexit process has always been about the UK’s perception and not about objective reality. The vote will be about what MPs believe about the WA, not what it says.

Whatever’s on 6 Music right now must be exactly 120 bpm because the clock is ticking in perfect sync.

Today I got lost on the way to Tottenham Court Road and bit my own finger eating a pizza. It’s a wonder I’ve made it through life this far.

Booked accommodation. Our holiday is now officially better organised than Brexit.

Look, you can’t prove this Honda news is due to Brexit. It could have happened in any country being led into economic disaster by a shower of halfwit politicians in the grip of a populist fever.

I wish Duolingo had a travel mode where you could study just the useful bits (greetings, numbers, food, drink) and skip irrelevancies like sports and occupations.

If you must have heroes – although I confess I don’t see the attraction – why not choose ones who have a less genocidey downside?

I hope Theresa May doesn’t die from eating mouldy jam, because I’m hoping to see her face trial for (at least) misfeasance in public office in the near future.

Inconsequential hill I am most prepared to die on: IPA for pronunciation guides or GTFO. Yours, extremely annoyed after seeing Google Translate.

Scathing comments about the “pound sign” on the Captain Marvel site. Meant to be about “#” but it’s hard not to read it as Brexit shade in 2019.

If you’re a UK international haulier, you don’t know whether you can continue to operate in April, & you might not know until late March, when do you lay off your staff?

There’s now absolutely no chance of an orderly Brexit on 29 March, is there?

I wrote a little script to collate Duolingo course notes into a single document:

On a train. It would be an absolute game changer if someone were to invent some kind of display screen that could show more than twenty characters at a time.

Another leaving-the-UK drinks email from a friend. Extremely 2019 feelings.

Scientists: A sperm whale has two thousand litres of fluid in its head.
Me, blowing nose for infinitieth time today: Is that all?

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