OH: “You don’t *need* to do anything. This is Inis Mór! Never make a plan!”

Putting the UK driving licence entirely online seemed clever, but in reality it causes unique hassle*.
Putting EU settled status entirely online will cause similar problems, with higher stakes.
* e.g. budget.ie/terms/republic-of-ir

The slow decline of the UK is barely noticeable, until you walk into a supermarket in Galway and marvel at the range and quality on offer.

On the ferry to Ireland for a holiday, but there’s no escape: even the Kiwi tourists are talking about Brexit 🙉

The cheery “don’t give money to homeless people” announcements on the London Overground feel rather dystopian.

Accidentally dropped a whole loo roll into the toilet. There goes our Brexit stockpile.

I have a cummings plan to avoid speeding fines: alongside the legally required numberplate, simply festoon the back of the car with additional random decoy numberplates to confuse any speed cameras.

The interchange at Green Park is full of eight-stripe LGBTQ+ posters and I am very much in favour.

Wrote something about my experience of the last fortnight in politics in London.

Welp, could’ve fixed the bug, but I used an elsif and now Rubocop says the ABC size is too high.

Six weeks since I fractured my elbow.
████████████ 100% healed
Well, maybe. Got an X-ray next week to find out.

Overheard a Chinese conversation yesterday: “Isle of Wight – 啊,白的岛!” [Island of White] Close, I suppose, but not quite right.

Apparently Taylor Swift has done to London what Ed Sheeran did to Galway.

In these troubled times, it can be helpful to remember that Bob Ross videos exist.

Five weeks since I fractured my elbow. One more to go.
██████████░░ 83% healed

Four weeks since I fractured my elbow. Two more to go.
████████░░░░ 67% healed

Three weeks since I fractured my elbow. Three more to go.
██████░░░░░░ 50% healed

I find GitHub quite unpleasant to use these days. There’s no immediate feedback when I click on anything, thanks to a combination of latency and their half-baked JavaScript reimplementation of web page loading.

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