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Wow, this looks great. rules!

Draw maps in the style of the 1777 Ferraris Maps and then compare current maps with those of the old day with movable slider to show the before and after differences.

Small brain: 20ºC
Regular brain: 20°C
Glowing brain: 20 C
Expanding brain: 293.15 K

@phae the faded beak of the puffin adds to the pathos

I wish more podcasters understood the concepts of compression and volume normalisation. This tweet is brought to you by the ringing in my ears after a normal podcast followed a very quiet one I’d had to turn up to 11.

Sunday night. Can’t wait to find out how many layers of failing country the UK is on next week.

Home. Took us just shy of 17 hours to get from Dublin to London.

The bad news is, our ferry has a technical problem. The only good news is that it’s still in port rather than somewhere in the Irish Sea.

In a restaurant in Galway whose playlist seems to be exclusively 90s one-hit wonders: Stereo MCs, Babylon Zoo, White Town etc.

OH: “You don’t *need* to do anything. This is Inis Mór! Never make a plan!”

Putting the UK driving licence entirely online seemed clever, but in reality it causes unique hassle*.
Putting EU settled status entirely online will cause similar problems, with higher stakes.
* e.g.

The slow decline of the UK is barely noticeable, until you walk into a supermarket in Galway and marvel at the range and quality on offer.

On the ferry to Ireland for a holiday, but there’s no escape: even the Kiwi tourists are talking about Brexit 🙉

The cheery “don’t give money to homeless people” announcements on the London Overground feel rather dystopian.

Accidentally dropped a whole loo roll into the toilet. There goes our Brexit stockpile.

I have a cummings plan to avoid speeding fines: alongside the legally required numberplate, simply festoon the back of the car with additional random decoy numberplates to confuse any speed cameras.

Fascinating story from France: a man died of a heart attack having sex while on a business trip. It counts as an accident at work.

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