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I appreciate the new segregated and quiet cycle routes around London, but I don’t imagine all those 90 degree corners were specced by anyone who actually cycles.

Maybe it’s my age, but whenever I hear the phrase “dark mode” I just imagine a late 90s Winamp skin.

Once again, I power-cycled the Amazon TV stick thinking it had crashed when it was just flat batteries in the controller. It knows when the batteries are low, but hides the information in a menu. WHY NOT JUST TELL ME?

Once you can play a few musical instruments, it gets easier to learn others. For example, in 15 minutes you can go from C major scale to Frère Jacques to cool jazz solo to ow ow Jesus ow fuck I think I’ve ruined my arm who knew the tenor fucking RECORDER was so dangerous?

Several recruiters appear to have my email address in their databases with (the same) someone else’s name and career history. Time for some GDPR fun!

Got tickets for MONO in December! I’ve wanted to see them live for years and years.

Can’t see any reason for BBC radio news to introduce a quote from Edwina Currie with her sexual history, except, obviously, misogyny. They didn’t do the same for Johnson, the subject of the story.

Got up early ready for Okinawa Day, put my back out folding laundry (rock and roll!) and now I’m stuck at home feeling decrepit and sorry for myself.

Just got a response from HMRC about my MTD VAT problem. Took them three months because of “an unusually high number of enquiries”. I do not think they will cope well with a no-deal scenario in November.

Don’t blame me, I didn’t get a vote to choose between Kang and Kodos.

Went to the pop-up Gaeltacht, drank beer, and talked in Irish about extremism on Facebook and the etymology of Chinese characters. So basically a totally normal one, as Gaeilge.

I have no signal half the time, but the person behind me is somehow able to shout into their phone continuously all journey. The world is an unfair place.

Eurostar seems to be gradually recreating all the worst parts of air travel.

Duolingo has taught me that, while I know the difference between “evening” and “night”, I just don’t pay attention most of the time. Maybe I often use them interchangeably in English.

Can’t get webdrivers to work because there’s some incompatibility between Ruby’s Net::HTTPS and whatever this office network is doing. Something SNI-related, at a guess, but I can’t figure out out. Anyone ever seen such a thing?

Property developers describing a development in Rotherhithe as “a 15 minute walk” from Canary Wharf pier. Aye, if you can breathe underwater, perhaps.

We can’t vote for a leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party here! This is bat country!

Got an email asking me to review my “recent energy supplier switch”. I was concerned until I realised that by “recent” they meant 2014. Same decade, I suppose.

On our fifth-floor balcony this morning so far: one squirrel, three coal tits. Never seen the latter here before.

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