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In these troubled times, it can be helpful to remember that Bob Ross videos exist.

Five weeks since I fractured my elbow. One more to go.
██████████░░ 83% healed

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Four weeks since I fractured my elbow. Two more to go.
████████░░░░ 67% healed

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Three weeks since I fractured my elbow. Three more to go.
██████░░░░░░ 50% healed

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I find GitHub quite unpleasant to use these days. There’s no immediate feedback when I click on anything, thanks to a combination of latency and their half-baked JavaScript reimplementation of web page loading.

The more layers of security theatre in a system (blessed networks, VPNs, enforced regular password changes) the more easily it can be exploited by social engineering.

Two weeks since I fractured my elbow. Four more to go.
████░░░░░░░░ 33% healed

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Occasionally I realise with a burst of joy that I haven’t had to do any of that devops stuff in years, and that my life is infinitely better without Chef/Puppet/whatever fresh hell has replaced it.

Old Town Road is just I’m On A Boat with horses.

Every time I use the Android clock app it seems to have been updated to a different design. It’s perplexing to see such effort on a feature-complete zero-revenue basic app.

One week since I fractured my elbow. Five more to go.
██░░░░░░░░░░ 17% healed

Everybody ready to be disappointed by the Tory “rebels” again?

Text message from the hospital asking if I’d recommend the Urgent Care Centre. I was waiting a long time, but it’s preferable to a herbalist or faith healer so 🤷.
★☆☆☆☆ 1/5 Would not break elbow again.

@threedaymonk Important clarification: it’s my elbow, not my cranium, that’s fractured.

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Radial head fracture 😱 thanks to a lorry parked in the middle of the bicycle lane and workers directing us onto the pavement via a dropped kerb that wasn’t as dropped as it seemed.

I’m happy to see Alan Turing on the new £50 note. I’m sure we’ll see more of then in circulation as they’ll be worth about enough to buy one Freddo in post-No Deal Brexitannia.

10× as much idiosyncratic legacy code understood only by one former employee? I’ve been there before.

In a session about the Hostile Environment and the Data Protection Act immigration exemption. Heard several horror stories about Home Office behaviour already.

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