Welcome, new Threema users! Due to the ‪‬ controversy, our downloads are skyrocketing. 🚀

Remember, if you’re not paying for a service, you’re the product, not the customer. ‪‬: ‪‬

@threemaapp Hello , thank you for joining the . Okay, not (yet) with your network, but with your support team. 😉 Welcome!

Could you please add your adress on your support page so we know this account here is "official".

@FoloGnorri @Aakerbeere

@kdkeller @FoloGnorri @Aakerbeere Yes, this account is official. We updated our website, check out the “Connect” section at the bottom of! ^db

@threemaapp Will there be a Threema version for the Librem 5 phone also!?

@danielst @threemaapp I am no software developer, sorry 😉 But hopefully someone will do ...

@threemaapp You guys could make the account official by listing it also on your website. (just a hint)

@threemaapp it may also happen that you're not paying while not being the product, because you're using free (as in freedom) software. In that case consider donating, though ;)

Let's see if they really use it and answer questions. I'm sceptical 🤔

@lauteshirn @threemaapp Auf Twitter waren sie die letzten Jahre Weg (bis auf die Tweets selbst) und ich vermute durch den neuen Geldgeber hat sich das jetzt spürbar geändert.

@threemaapp jeah, or its just opensource and built by a community...

@threemaapp Is a libhandy application comming? Or do you want to lose the Pinephone and Purism users?

What does "skyrocketing" exactly mean?
Could you please publish some figures?

@threemaapp I'd like to see Threema on F-Droid, as well your own rep, possible despite the fact of Threema is a paid fact? I'm a Threema usar and I love it! 👏 ♥ 🎉

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