You can hide everything from us. ‪

We don’t hide anything from you. ‪‬ ‪

That’s a healthy service–user relationship.

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@threemaapp I thought the server code is still closed source, isn't it?

@TheDoctor @threemaapp At least you can see what is transmitted from your phone

wanna join and we fight for privacy and encryption together with @matrix ? or at least support a bridge?


I would like to take the opportunity to adress this issue to you,

calls to not get through, if using #polling.
#Signal works much better in this scenario.

Could you fix that?

@EnglishDry284 @threemaapp

Element works better as well and doesn't require a centralized server nor a phone number

@EnglishDry284 we might switch from polling to a different system in the future. Until then, if you want to avoid Google Play Services, maybe microG might be an option? ^db

@threemaapp is not.
Hope you manage it quickly. I would rather prefer Threema then Signal!
Keep up the good work. Are you aware, that even the secret person are using your product :ablobcatwink:

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