Did you mind paying postage for the love letter to your sweetheart? 💌 Or would you have preferred a free postal service that invades your privacy to sell targeted ads? 🤔 Why would you feel any different about chat services?

@threemaapp I must disagree. Privacy is a fundamental right. You should not pay for it. What you should pay for is ability to have privacy in a comfortable way.

I agree but trying to convince my social circle of that is a lot harder. I'm still struggling to get them to switch away from Hangouts and WhatsApp to signal, which is free and more popular now 😣

I am suspicious of Signal because, what is their revenue stream? How do they pay for the service they provide?

@crasher35 @threemaapp
What is threema's long term revenue stream after the one time purchase?

Signal is owned by a nonprofit organization which was funded with 50 M$ given by Brian Acton (WhatsApp founder). At this moment they do not need to have a revenue stream because they can live off this money.

@crasher35 @threemaapp That is easy to find out you know. Donations. E.g. from one of the founders of WhatsApp

@threemaapp “I payed a lot for this phone, so at least those little programs can be free” - sigh..

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