Follow @michuvon we might publish a non-proprietary build flavor (without Play Services and thus push notifications) in the future.

We are also thinking about F-Droid support (either through an official F-Droid app, or through a custom repository offering apps both with and without Play Services).

However, it will still take a while to evaluate all options. Thanks for your patience! ^db


Threema in F-Droid would be indeed great. If the server part then could be open source, too, i would be totally happy.

Threema on FDroid would be great!
Should also help to increase the user base -> longterm "survival" of Threema
@Beowulf @michuvon

That is great news! Glad you are thinking about it and I hope your evaluation comes to the right conclusion ;)

An official fdroid app would definitely boost trust!
@Beowulf @michuvon

@threemaapp Be welcome approaching us! I'm one of the F-Droid maintainers, and I also run my own repo – plus I'm using Threema myself (multiple licenses for multiple devices). So should there be questions, we're glad to help you with those steps.

@threemaapp @IzzyOnDroid also never forget the marketing aspect of having #Threema on the front page on #FDroid when published and when an update is pushed. It always pushes apps somewhat.

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