@threemaapp Should I be worried about the fact that there seems to be a minute point, that Threema knows about that I don't know?

@carsten No, the “x” is used to represent “nothing.” ^pr

@threemaapp I guess sometimes the white circle is contained completely within the blue one. Avid Threema user here, for many years. Glad you exist!

There is one fact that @threemaapp knows and is in the white circle. It's the threema ID. ;-)

@txt_file The Threema ID is a random string, and you don’t have to tie any personal information to it. While we do know that a particular Threema ID exists, we don’t know whether it’s yours, cf. threema.ch/faq/get_my_data. ^pr

@karsbehr @threemaapp
Wohl wahr. Die haben ein deutlich besseres Gedächtnis als wir selbst und werden von Quellen gefüttert, von deren Existenz wir wahrscheinlich nicht mal wissen.

@threemaapp I think you mixed up the circles, the blue one should be the white one.

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