May 15 is ! 🚮 Here’s why WhatsApp users should consider joining Threema instead of accepting WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policy:

@fristi @radonhawk @threemaapp tbh, many ppl in switzerland have it. also i managed to bring all of my family to threema :3
@absturztaube @radonhawk @threemaapp the problem here really is that I could likely get my family to use it, but then they'd have nobody (but me) to communicate with.

It's a problem, really.
@fristi @radonhawk @threemaapp well i didn't care if they keep whatsapp or whatever, because i'm too tired to do that discussion anymore, its like fighting against windmills.
@absturztaube @radonhawk @threemaapp true. Tbh just getting them to talk to you over threema might be enough of a boost to get them to slowly recommend it to others. Just let it very slowly snowball bit by bit until it catches on.

Why should one ever make the same mistake of joining a walled garden ever again?


@threemaapp none of my friends has it, but I will hold strong and keep the app in my mobile.

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