Certainly I prefer #threema to #whatsapp 😊
But how far is the idea to make it #opensource and have it on #f-droid.org? Currently like #whatsapp I run #threema on a quarantined system only as the code is not accessible. On my main device I have #signal but mostly prefer #xmpp and #briar.

Ah... Thanks for this and good to know... I'll try to compile later the day 😁
Is there any reason, why it is not on f-droid ? Is it only because no one did it yet?

@phil_s You’re welcome :)

Not sure about Fdroid. I’ll let @threemaapp comment on this.

@ilyess @phil_s There will probably be an official Threema F-Droid release in the future, we are still working on it. Until then, you can get the self-updating APK from shop.threema.ch/ ^db

@threemaapp @ilyess @phil_s
Yes please. I would love to install threema from f-droid. Thank you for all the work you are doing. :ablobcatheart:


Yes. Found it - good I do not need to go via google. I think availability in f-droid.org will be thanked by many here 😊

Had some error yet, when compiling by myself, but I think it is just due to my config. Should be solvable.

Thanks a lot for your work!


@threemaapp Honestly, I never liked WA. First I used FB Messenger, then Signal and now I am using Threema.

@projectmirai39 @threemaapp I am using Element too - but only for visiting rooms. I have no friends and family there.

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