The development of Threema 2.0 for desktop (and its multi-device functionality) comes along great, but there’s still a lot to do; we’re currently busy combining frontend and backend. To end the year, here’s a sneak peek of the new three-pane UI. See you in 2022! 👋🎉

@threemaapp How about Self-Destruct and Edit messages like on Signal and to other free secure messaging app? :02lurk:

@projectmirai39 In our opinion, current implementations of self-destructing messages provide a false sense of security due to insufficient reliability, which is why we don’t provide this functionality for the time being.

However, we are aware that some users would like to see this feature, and it might be implemented in an adequate form eventually. ^pm

@threemaapp >self-destructing messages provide a false sense of security due to insufficient reliability

Yes that might might be the case! But some user mistakenly send some message to their friend/family/partner and want to delete it! It’s not all security and privacy…. sometimes its the features though. :akko_shrug:

@threemaapp bummer it will still be operating within a walled garden.

Please open it up such that you can reach the entire world via Matrix.

They did it with Gitter.
RocketChat has followed.
You can, too.
It's never too late to give users the freedom they deserve.

@threemaapp That looks good! Would highly appreciate if the desktop is as seamless as with matrix, xmpp, deltachat and not as useless as with signal (acting just as a bridge to the nearby phone when I tried it last time).
2022: still threema is one of the few sad cases of apps which I cannot easily bring on my degoogled /e/-OS phone, please create a path into there (maybe just point to a howto in /e/ app store description?). I'd be happily paying for another License for this.

Thank you for your input!
In order to use Threema on a degoogled smartphone you can purchase a license key and download the app's APK from our online shop: We will gladly answer further questions: ^pm

@carpenoctem using this ways since years and it works like a charm :blobcatheart:

@newt We might look into that in the future, but cannot give you any details yet. Thank you for your patience! ^pm

@threemaapp I also use this, works like charm with one single drawback: The connection between Threema and Threema Web isn't consistent without Play Services and needs to be restarted regularly, which is really annoying. But when I get it right, with the Multi Device functionally it will be a thing of the past.

Would love to see it distributed in an universal app format (Flatpak, Snap, AppImage) on Linux in order to be able to use it.

@threemaapp Will video calls be possible over the desktop client?

@threemaapp This looks amazing. Thank you for your work on this :)

Hey @threemaapp 👋

are there any updates on this little beauty?

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