Nach der Schweizer Armee und verschiedenen ausländischen Strafverfolgungsbehörden hat sich auch die hiesige Polizei für eine Threema-Lösung entschieden, nämlich für Threema Work. 🇨🇭👮‍♂️🙌

The power of one-to-many communication combined with the convenience of instant messaging:

The development of Threema 2.0 for desktop (and its multi-device functionality) comes along great, but there’s still a lot to do; we’re currently busy combining frontend and backend. To end the year, here’s a sneak peek of the new three-pane UI. See you in 2022! 👋🎉

Until our multi-device solution is ready for prime time, there’s now a desktop version of Threema Web available for greater convenience when chatting on the computer:

Here’s a potential “How did I ever live without it?” feature: contact-specific privacy settings. Now in Threema for Android.

📖🕵️ If you enjoy reading a well-researched spy novel, “A Shadow Intelligence” by Oliver Harris should be right up your alley:

In the latest Threema Work success story, EDEKA showcases the effortless integration of our corporate messaging solution into existing IT infrastructure:

Message encryption isn’t enough to protect your privacy.

Introducing Threema OnPrem: The self-contained chat environment for high-security enterprise messaging.

A year ago, the agreement was invalidated. Here are 5 recommendations for privacy-compliant and secure corporate communication:

Is there someone who loves sending you voice messages but… um… has a hard time… well… getting to… like… you know… the point? 🐌

Update to the latest Threema version to adjust the playback speed of voice messages. 🐇

🆕 Mark chats as unread to create a visual reminder if you need to follow up on a conversation. (Android: Tap and hold; iOS: Swipe right.)

May 15 is ! 🚮 Here’s why WhatsApp users should consider joining Threema instead of accepting WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policy:

Which is the right business messenger for your company? Our comprehensive comparison of nine services shows that not all apps are cut from the same cloth:

No one can decrypt a Threema message except the intended recipient. However: On our website, there’s a special message anyone can decrypt. 🐇

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