A minor Threema update for iOS has just hit the App Store, bringing you larger group chats and other improvements. 📲 threema.ch/bp/threema-464-for-

Threema is not just used by a car manufacturer’s CEO, our business solution is used by a car manufacturer’s entire staff. work.threema.ch/success-story/

@Hagbard3000 @kuketzblog @Utzer Nein, unsere Server sind in unserem eigenen Besitz, werden von uns selbst gemanaged und befinden sich in zwei Datencentern in der Schweiz. Wir setzen bewusst nicht auf Cloud-Services. Mehr Details: threema.ch/de/faq/server_locat ^db

@Hiker yes, so far it's looking good!

One of the advantages of the Threema protocol design is that everything (groups, user profiles, profile pictures, messaging) is handled in a decentralized, end-to-end-encrypted way, so the server doesn't actually have a lot of work to do besides relaying encrypted messages.


@almet hi!

1. No, the server parts are not currently open source. Since the apps (verifiably) use end-to-end encryption for messaging, the server parts are not that relevant for security.

2. No, there is currently no such overview. There will probably be a public documentation of the protocol though at some point in time! We're still working on that.

Every thing related to our open source releases is published at threema.ch/open-source.


@SilverSurfer Thanks, SilverSurfer! It’s good to see a familiar avatar here. ;-) ^pr

@FoloGnorri Thanks, Folo, mostly valid points, but what’s wrong with Threema Web’s background? ;-)

Danke schön! 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭 Threema is currently the best-selling app in the German-speaking countries , , and . 💪

What do you like most about Threema?

@jedie The Threema ID is a random string of characters; it doesn’t reveal anything about your identity (cf. threema.ch/faq/threema_id). ^pr

@scops you can already send stickers if you use a keyboard with sticker support. unfortunately there's no built-in support for managing stickers so far. ^db

Anonymity is to privacy what encryption is to security. That’s why Threema doesn’t force you to disclose your phone number. ‪

@elera_mortis Is this on Android or iOS? On Android, you can leave beta feedback through Google Play. On iOS you should be able to send feedback through Testflight. Alternatively, send a Threema message to threema.id/*SUPPORT ^db

@schreiblehrling Bisher ist das nicht geplant. Ein solcher Status müsste wahrscheinlich auf dem Server gespeichert werden, was sich mit unserem Privacy-Gedanken nicht so gut verträgt. Bei Threema ist alles bis auf die Nachrichtenübermittlung dezentral gelöst, sogar die Profilbilder werden ende-zu-ende-verschlüsselt zwischen den Kontakten übertragen! ^db

@dermitdemdino Wir arbeiten daran! Siehe threema.ch/en/blog/posts/md-ar für ein paar technische Details. Es dauert aber noch eine Weile, bis es soweit ist. ^db

Three extra months should be more than enough to move all your contacts to Threema. 🙃

Threema’s user base currently grows at the same rate as Switzerland’s snow cover! ☃️🇨🇭

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