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Morgan M

Twice now I've gone through the process of setting up an Android device in the last week. Both times when it gets to the finger print setup I've hit the skip button and it continues on without any further security setup. Wouldn't it make sense to ask about a password or pin after that rather than assume the user doesn't want security?

So many things to do. So few hours in the day.

I seem to have accumulated chat apps again (this time with screenshot).

Have I complained about MMS lately? If not I'd like to take this opporunity to say that it's still terrible. I'm tempted to start refusing any messages sent to me using that method.

Oh yes right before a long string of conference calls is a perfect time to force security updates on my work laptop.

Merry Christmas from Prague!

Hello Germany! I have arrived.

I'm so ready for my vacation to start.

Linux on the Surface Book is proving to be too unstable for my needs right now so I'll go back to running Linux using VirtualBox on Windows. Long term I'll be upgrading to a laptop that runs Linux out of the box.

I'm trying to decide if I should spend my evening doing some sys admin stuff or if should work on code. One is work the other is for fun. 

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Okay Mr. Coffee since you aren't going to brew me some goodness I'll fire up the kettle and have some Earl Grey instead.

Awesome. My coffee make just quit working. Grr

I guess kitty is cold and needs warmth.

Not sure how I feel about this new version of Firefox. Sure it feels a bit quicker but the broken add-ons are annoying. Also need to tweak this interface again to hide or remove the nonsense they include. :|

Happy Friday! I'm off from work today so I've been making the most of it. Getting lots of little things done finally. 

Well so much for slacking off today. Oh well got some beer for tonight so that's at least something.

The 16 hour work days I've been doing the last week are starting to catch up with me. I think I'll attempt to slack off some today if I can.