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Morgan M @thrrgilag

I think I have enough in my system to start the week. Good morning! ☕

Happy Sunday morning! Time for and .

Ick. I hate hot weather. Can summer be over now?

Me:  Why does everything look fuzzy on my phone?
*  sips coffee
*  puts on glasses
Me:  Oh. 

Not gonna lie, I really like having a phone with a keyboard again.

Funny how muscle memory works. I pull my KEYone out of my pocket and swipe up like it's a BB10 device. I wonder how long till I break that habit 

Got my BlackBerry KEYone today. So far I like what I'm seeing. Going to burn it in a bit with my second sim but I suspect it'll be my primary phone soon. Now to find a case for it. 

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Calling all far-flung Matrixers! If you're using Matrix for privacy (decentralisation & e2e crypto) pls let us know!

I also look forward to a future where I don't typo as much as I do. :p

I look forward to a future where SMS is no longer a thing and is completed replaced with something more modern.

Okay giving this mastodon thing a little more attention alongside my Friendica server. Let's see if I can keep up with posts without too much duplication to start with.

Hmm... The one meeting I had on the schedule today is with someone who is out of the office. Perhaps I can sepnd this morning converting into code.

Excellent, got toots integrated into my normal social posting workflow. I'll refrain from cross posting too much at least to start with.

And one more with an image file.

Test toot from my social posting bot.

And account finally created. Mostly to follow a few streams, but also to do some testing and possible future development. We'll see how things evolve. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯