Updated health advisory shows air quality worsening in some places ranging from unhealthy to very unhealthy. Judging by how things look outside yeah I'm going to keep me and the family indoors.

Just stepped outside for something and there is ash everywhere.

Air quality has hit unhealthy levels today because of the wildfire. Local schools canceled and people asked to remain indoors.

So much smoke outside today. Not the sort of thing I want to be experiencing again. :(

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OH: "Well, so far the infinite monkey theorem is just giving us an infinite number of JavaScript frameworks, and no Shakespeare"

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I need to remember to boot up my Android devices a little re often so they don't choke on the backlog of pending updates whenever I need to test stuff.

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This Week in Matrix 2018-11-02 is here! Read about Hello Matrix, new tools for maubot, a Fractal client event in Seville, matrix-client-core (new Python lib), mxisd and get Matrix Live with a discussion on E2E UX! Phew!


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If you are still running #fluffychat <= 0.6, then you need to upgrade to 7.0 to be able to get push notifications 🔔

Just click here:

If you see someone who still uses 0.6, then please tickle him/her until he/she upgrades voluntary 😜

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Folks, Synapse 0.33.8 has arrived, bug fixes, db perf, (almost) everything you could ever want. Checkout it matrix.org/blog/2018/11/01/syn

Oh good more election text spam. What a great way to convince me to vote a certain way by flooding my phone with crap and costing me money. 😠

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We're excited to announce that we've incorporated The Matrix.org Foundation: providing a formal, independent, non-profit, neutral custodian for the Matrix standard for decades to come!! We're still bootstrapping the governance; see matrix.org/blog/2018/10/29/int for details

Taking the thing for a spin again. I'm having problems getting my own pod up and running so I figure I'll just use test account I setup on the main instance as my proving ground for a bit longer. (I apparently can't php as well as I should)

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UBports App Announcement

Dekko Lands in Open Store!

At long last and thanks to the hard work of the new "Dekkan Team", Ubuntu Touch has this great email client in the Open Store for 16.04 Xenial users.


If you have a non-Open Store version of Dekko running on your device now, all you need to do is go to the Open Store app and install Dekko from there.

Enjoy and great work everyone!

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #AppDev #Ubuntu #email #dekko

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Ubuntu Touch Is Not Just Another OS.

Check out this latest article about Ubuntu Touch and put another tool in your toolbox for sharing our exciting project and OS. We bet you'll find one thing about UT you didn't know ;)

Enjoy and share this and special thanks to the UBports Writers Team. Here's your link:


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Unity8 #ubuntutouch

I'm contemplating a change in how I do my personal website and blog. I currently use a CMS which there is nothing really wrong with. But I can't help but think perhaps there is a better way that fits with how I work. 🤔

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