So I’ve been introduced to this show called “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.”

10/10 recommend.

Why do all girls cuddle you right off the bed when sleeping?

Me: has weird dreams.
Me upon waking: “Brain, wtf”

Trying out the ProtonVPN iOS app beta. So far so good. Nice to finally have a killswitch.

I notice that when I pay in cash, Starbucks often forgets to ask for my name.

I can’t Netflix and chill because I have no chill.

I also have no Netflix but that’s the easier solve of the two problems.

The epitome of irony is watching protesters on Facebook Live and telling them to get a job.

I haven’t told anyone my real birthday in like, a decade so my hobby is watching people lose their shit trying to figure out when it is.

one of the greatest honours in life is being asked for music recommendations

‪Conspiracy theory: Martians really did invade earth in 1938 and it’s been covered up ever since. 👽 ‬

Introduced my gf to Ancient Aliens today. She loves it in a trashy way just as much as I do.

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