coming out, parents (positive) 

coming out, parents (positive) 

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legalising gay marriage means absolutely nothing for LGBTQ+ citizens being oppressed.

naturally, liberals will use this in order to strengthen their depraved viewpoint that western-world countries are so "democratic" & "equal" when in reality they continue to fund terrorists or drop bombs on innocents themselves, including countless people that identify as LGBTQ+, daily.

we are destroying mother earth and she is rightfully exacting her revenge on us

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Liberals are just as hard to talk to about police brutality as conservatives. Attempting to explain the role of police in protecting private interests is usually met with a "not all cops" retort; as if their purported nuance is supposed to deter the systematic murder of black lives that has been going on for countless centuries.

going to work but every time u talk to someone u want to cry faster

every single social interaction i've had today makes me want to cry and i'm afraid i'm just gonna break down later when i go to my therapist

how does @joanwatson still manage to flood both my tooter and birdsite feeds wyd friend

whenever i come across someone online who's 18 i'll b like "ah yes someone my age" but then i'll remember that i'm actually 20 like GOD what the FUCK

these r @rae's cats, sammy and kal-el, two lovely boys

a food mention................... 

srry to disappoint everyone who followed me expecting social justice discourse bc of my earlier toots i don't have the energy to toot a lot in general rn :-(

watch out it's the depression 

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honestly i'm really tired of people posting triggering pictures and calling it "raising awareness" like at one point you need to admit you're doing it for shock value and retweets

WHEN will i be able to feel my fingertips again is this the price i must pay to be a .......... soft boy guitar player

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if you're calling people whales / shaming people for their weight you need to go take a nap like the little baby you are

wow i'm really out here, getting some gains huh

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