This film is wrong on so many levels ...

Yes, that is a fursuiter.

Why does the fandom have to be so yiffing evil to me? I'm quitting!
Fuck this shit, I'm off Twitter for the night.

I want to fucking vomit my guts out.

If you don't occasionally silently sob onto your computer as you can't for the life of you figure out the solution to a bug, are you really a programmer?

Pokemon in the city at night is now a thing to me thanks to Detective Pikachu, hence this pic :)

(which Arcanine was in that movie like 50 times... but NEVER ONCE full body on screen in full focus! all were blurred background images or like half a face)

RT You to believe your art is beautiful

A five minutes script. This is why I don't have an anti-virus. (I use containerization and isolation instead)

Wearing a fursuit doesn’t make you popular. It just stands out. Instead of trying to act popular. Why not be yourself. Is this what this fandom is about?
Open minded, drama free, free from reality?

Happy Mother's Day!

Taken of wife and daughter in our small home studio.

We Infiltrated a Furry Convention (and had a great time) via

Don't Limit Yourself to the Furry Internet via

Reminder that your gender identity is not determined by which restroom you go to, otherwise a lot of us would have to identify as "holding it in"

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