⚠️ Please stop asking for follows and just list your account in the user directory! (See screenshot) Go to account settings and check the box: mstdn.social/settings/profile

When you do ask for a follow please post unlisted so that people on the local & global timelines are not bothered by this! You can do that by clicking/tapping on the "Globe" icon and change to "unlisted" 🎉 Thank you!

Dicari gebetan, gue pengin disayang-sayang 🤒

Let's make it happen! 1000 toots for a day ><

Ayo kita open menfess!!

Silahkan baca thread ini untuk mengirim menfess ➡️ mastodon.online/@RPWBASE/10514


help us to boost this tweet?

welcome to english roleplayer. since most of you doesn't know where to find new friends, here we come!

do follow us first and we will do autofollback. don't forget to mention us if you want a shout out! hope it can help everyone♡

I'm in a good mood really. Omg- I'm so happy can interact with everyone without worrying shadow ban, suspend and something like thattt. Shooooooo freee uwaaaaa :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat: :bongoCat:

Oh, here we go again. Other platform, same habits. Lazy to socializing but keep scrolling timeline.

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