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Tonight at 6PM Pacific we return to Kamurocho and prison? It’s time for more Yakuza: Like a Dragon!

When do we get the hair!?

Friday Night Yakuza is back in the main timeline with our first episode of Like a Dragon!

It’s official! Tonight at 6 PM Pacific, we jump back to the mainline Yakuza series to start our playthrough of Yakuza: Like a Dragon!

Tonight’s stream will be… CORI playing in tonight’s Friday Night Paper Fight over on, tonight at 5PM Pacific!

We're LIVE with Judgment side stories and mini games.
With the main story put to bed, it's time to pick up some side cash and see what the rest of Judgment has to offer.

Friday, Yakuza, Judgment etc…
We’ve escaped the main plot, so not it’s time for some sub-stories in Judgment!
Join us at 6 PM Pacific for the fun.

We're Live with (hopefully) the final chapters of Sega's "Judgment". Excitement, Thrills, and Romance? Find out at

Is it Friday? Yup.
Are we still playing Judgment? Uh huh.
Are we absolutely going to finish the story tonight at 6 PM Pacific? Heck yeah!

We are LIVE!!
Is it time for endgame? It's time for endgame. Let's send Judgment directly to jail! Its crime? No Karaoke.

It’s been a long road, but we should be at the end of Sega’s Judgment! Tune in at 6 PM Pacific on for the Thrilling (?) Conclusion! (??)

We're live with more Judgment over at! Come see what happens when lawyers let loose!

What’s that? Another Judgment stream tonight at 6 PM Pacific?
I guess we have no choice!

It's time for Friday Night Yakuza feat. Judgment!
We're barreling towards the endgame. Will it pay off? Find out over at

And while the Folks may be Falling, we’ll follow right in with more Friday Night Judgment at or around 6:00 PM Pacific! Whenever Cori is done.

Today at noon
Cori and crew will be competing in @TwitchRivals Fall Guys 💪🏆

We're LIVE!

It's time for some Friday Night Casual Flight!
We're doing a fresh play of Star Wars: Squadrons. Come watch Ian bust up Y-Wings exclusively.

It’s Friday, and that means… X-Wings?

Join us at 6:00 PM Pacific on over at for Star Wars: Squadrons!


We're deep in the weeds on this playthough of Judgment. Will we make progress? Maybe? Will we have fun? Absolutely.

Aha, I can see by the time in my glowing glasses that it’s Friday, which means it’s time for another stream of Judgment tonight at 6PM Pacific.

Join me and my glowing Judge Eyes then!

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