I'm thinking of hosting myself with @Mastodon and @matrix . Looking for suggestions on hosts. And no, I'm not in any position to put up my own server on premise

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I'd like to remind you all that while Firefox may not be great, Chrome is a lot worse and telling people not to use Firefox is just going to push most of them back to Chrome. Demanding that people go "all the way" and rejecting incremental steps is pretty high on the list of reasons why free/libre/open/non-megacorp software isn't more popular.

Just found this extension when I was looking for an RSS reader. It works great.. nodetics.com/feedbro/

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In case you missed it yesterday, the BRAND NEW Linux For Everyone show is out! youtu.be/EPM3_ZkEKGM

It really bugs me when people complain about the measures Mozilla/Firefox take to bring in money, knowing dang well most of them never sent them a penny. How the heck do people think they will keep pace with the likes of Google and Microsoft with just your well wishes.

Building @nu_shell on an i3 with 4g ram using cargo. ..the poor cpu. It locked up the first try. Now doing it with nothing else running..lol

I still find it facinating the things I can install on with the command line now. I just installed at @Libreoffice with winget.

I pieced together a Frankenstein pc setup so I can set up elementary 6 to give it a drive.

Looking for resources to learn about , , , , etc… preferably the explain it to a child or for dummies version. I want to wrap my head around all this stuff so I can form a proper opinion. Thanks.

Today I am starting this course from The Foundation of Humane Technology. I really like this groups mission and how it already aligns with not only my technical beliefs but spiritual. I think this is going to be super interesting.


The @1Password, @PrivacyHQ, and @Fastmail combo has to be about the best thing to come to email and privacy use in the past year. I don’t think I will be able to do without it now that I have it.

My maranta has these delicate little flowers. I love that this plant is doing so well.

Starting this one today.
Currently reading: Ambassador to Humanity 📚 micro.blog/books/9780853986409

This is such a great podcast, all the episodes are great to just philosophize about computers and programming. Here is the latest..
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING AS AN ART share.transistor.fm/s/230b119c

It took them a while, but the VA/DOD finally has 2FA for my retirement account. Welcome the Government to the modern world I guess.

Todays thought…

I mainly see etherium, crypto, blockchain all talked about when it’s brought up.

Won’t most of it still just be in HTML, CSS, and JS? Sounds like it’s still to me.

I had to add the course to my wishlist, I always feel I need to know math better.
Master Math by Coding in Python


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