It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.....

The history books leave out the part about housewives kicking off the French Revolution

Heroes, every where there are every day people stepping up to the plate.

Song of the day: Queen 'Another one bytes the dust'

VSCodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing

Think of renaming all my news links

'what have the idiots done now'

Jogged another very slow 10k, I'm really looking forward to cooler weather

vegetable ontology 

I spent the morning in the garden cleaning things up and recovering from yesterday's run...

On to chapter 7 'Advanced Deep Learning Best Practices'

I jogged a very slow 6 miles today. Took me an hour and a quarter. It's still a steam room out there

"Hey kids. I'm in my 60s. You've never lived in an America where the rich paid their fair share. I have. Let me tell you what that was like:

* We built new schools
* We built new highways
* We cut the poverty rate
* We lead the world in technology

Turns out RNNs work much better when you remember to delete the date column from the data ;p

Hoping to have this wrapped up tonight ;D

@blinkenjim Wow, Tim has a knack for taking all the fun out of everything.

Meh, still on chapter 6 of the Keras book. Absolutely wrapping it up this weekend

85'F/95% humidity. I jogged so slow today I had time to take lots of photos ;p

A voice controlled microwave wasn't quite the future I was looking for.

Re-doing the recurrent net chapter with BitCoin data so I can finish the chapter this week

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