Written Down v1.0.6 available now. Support for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max display sizes and some bug fixes. More on the way.

I'm looking for a remote iOS developer position. If anyone knows of any I should look into I'd appreciate it.

@jwisser The anti-scald function of the single handle is awesome though. Toilet flush no longer means sudden burning hot shower.

Is there a way to view someone else’s timeline? I mean see the timeline they see without actually following all the same people?

@bigzaphod @brentsimmons Indeed. A small userbase seems to be the only way to avoid mobs and the worst problems of social media but that also breaks some of the best parts as well. If Micro.blog got easier and really popular it would have the same problems.

The Bridge has improved a lot over the months. It allows Twitter users to find their friends on Mastodon.

If you have a Twitter account, consider using it at least once so when your Twitter friends discover Mastodon, they will easily find you here.

If you agree to link your Twitter and Mastodon account, see connecting at least once as a small contribution to the Mastodon community.


If you agree, retoot or post your own version.

@piraino @bigzaphod Also, Pandemic, Pirate's Cove, 7 Wonders, Dixit ... should we go on?

@eli Yeah, it was pretty bad. Watched them all recently. It’s a highly variable series.

@piraino I agree. But getting moving to work seems like it will be pretty complicated too. I’m hopeful though.

@zacbir True. I think migration will be a deceptively complicated feature to get right though.

Changing "instances" to "neighborhoods", "homes", "herds" or anything else sounds nice and all. But I don't think the term matters much compared to the actual friction of picking an instance on signup which is a big decision with implications.

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