“In fact, Neanderthal DNA can be found in everyone alive today. Crucially, though you might think the salacious details of these ancient liaisons have been lost to pre-history, there are still clues as to what they might have been like around today. ” buff.ly/3oIuNBI

“What I did not realize until later— a rough draft gives control to the recipients to become collaborators. The art of editing and refining does something to people — they make the idea their own” buff.ly/3idr4JV

“Just as eating healthy is an everyday battle, the Internet makes it hard to find nutrient-dense information. It’s absolutely possible, but it demands deliberate effort. The Internet increases variance in outcomes. More good and more bad. ” buff.ly/3qcxfR4


“Here’s a list of alternative high level narratives about what is importantly going on in the world—the central plot, as it were—for the purpose of thinking about what role in a plot to take” buff.ly/3bPAJVG

“A cognitive scientist at McGill University, describes tulpas as “imaginary companions who are said to have achieved full sentience after being conjured through ‘thoughtform’ meditative practice.” In other words, this is a benign hallucination.” buff.ly/3qvHCzA

“ Here are 11 examples of how Doom’s aesthetic choices seeped into the artistic impulses of multiple generations.” buff.ly/3bvjNUs

“Often described as a “workers’ cafeteria,” the Hoito — where one of the authors worked intermittently between 1994 and 2006 — has deep roots in the labour movement, as well as a special connection to Thunder Bay’s large Finnish community.” buff.ly/3smtJWm

“Below you will find a collection of CIA related UFO records. The Black Vault’s connection to the CIA in getting some of these UFO documents released goes back to 1996.” buff.ly/3qbqFKP

“Initially, the measures were extremely unpopular. But as more people died, they came round – and he was entrusted with the task of containing the outbreak. Years later, he published a Ectypa Pestilentis Status Algheriae Sardiniae, detailing the 57 rules ” buff.ly/39hjpWP

“Across Europe, legislation is pushing back against a waste-based economy and restoring for citizens something companies have gradually taken away: the right to repair what they’ve bought.” buff.ly/2MI4Tjd

“s the bike boom simply a market response to the pandemic, like so many others – outdoor dining, puzzle sales, sourdough bread baking – or will changes such as new bike lanes, corporate commuting incentives and leisure cycling become permanent?” buff.ly/2KxoySk

“Kazi also sees truck art as more than a business expense; it's also a ritual that harkens back to the Sufi tradition of painting shrines to curry religious favor. “Truckers don’t even spend so much money on their own houses,” she shares.” buff.ly/2v1jtsS

“Cincinnati was unique in that they were the only Midwestern city to actually begin working on the subway,” says @jakemecklenborg@twitter.com who authored a book about Cincinnati’s doomed experiment. The problems the project faced were more political than logistical.” buff.ly/3eNxzzV

“The morally incompetent want purpose; they want to be on the front-lines of the helping. But for the morally incompetent, helping people is more important than the folks being helped.” buff.ly/2MD3rif

“There are many reasons that people are aging better, but the factors that loomed largest in the study of physical function were that the later-born adults were more physically active and had bigger bodies, which suggests better nutrition.” buff.ly/3qbIbyp

In other countries that went through coups in the twitter era, did people spend as much time dunking on each other online during the coup?

“Wouldn’t it be great to live in exactly the right place at the right time when everything was still super authentic and affordable, but simultaneously unique and undiscovered?” buff.ly/3bxpO2T

“Melody is part of a growing wave of virtual streamers who broadcast using a 3D model in place of their body and face. The setup offers anonymity for the streamer and huge branding potential around the literal cartoon character they’re inhabiting.” buff.ly/2UW69Ad

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