Listening to a recording of a meeting you couldn't attend because it was in the middle of the night is like listening to a really niche podcast.

“Unfortunately for the research team, it is no longer possible to study the operation of the system. One of the most imposing bridges, Ballıgerme, was blown up with dynamite in 2020 by treasure hunters who believed they could find gold in the ruins. ”

“But now I was contemplating the unthinkable: getting involved with town politics.”

“However, the most ground-breaking technical achievement of the Roman Empire lies in its water management, particularly its long-distance aqueducts that delivered water to cities, baths and mines”

“His portrait, which formerly featured on the 100 Krona bill, appeared so sad that he was eventually, after a period of inflation, replaced by a fish.”

“My base case going forward continues to be that with the combination of sizable broad money supply growth, along with public opinion pushing the pendulum back away from globalization, CPI is likely to be higher in the 2020s than in the 2010s”

“Multitasking, in short, is not only not thinking, it impairs your ability to think. Thinking means concentrating on one thing long enough to develop an idea about it.”

“Governments and financial firms need to prepare for a long-term shift in how money works. That means beefing up privacy laws, reforming how central banks are run and preparing retail banks for a more peripheral role. ”

“Regeneration is not just for so-called lower animals,” Levin said, as an image of Prometheus appeared on the screen behind him. Deer can regenerate antlers; humans can regrow their liver. ”

“he Nordic countries imaginary 10-step ladder is not so tall, the first rung is pretty high up, and the distance between the steps is relatively short.”

“So if you can eliminate the theory that the person proposing an implausible-sounding idea is incompetent, its implausibility switches from evidence that it's boring to evidence that it's exciting. [1]”

““Trees” are not a coherent phylogenetic category. On the evolutionary tree of plants, trees are regularly interspersed with things that are absolutely, 100% not trees”

“ One kind of commerce is oriented around opting in to a challenge; the other kind of commerce is oriented around opting out of a challenge. ”

“Paradox games, intentionally or not (in the event, I think it is clear from speaking with a couple of their developers, there is quite a lot that is intentional) have something to say about history.”

“A decade ago, there was a much greater variety of domains within links posted by users of Reddit, with more than 20 different domains for every 100 random links users posted. Now there are only about five different domains for every 100 links posted.”

“The prison service leaned so hard into the idea of constant surveillance that it used to name its newsletter Panopticon, only changing it in 2019, following criticism.”

“Pando, a 106-acre clonal colony of genetically identical aspen trees connected by a single root system in Utah, is thought to have sustained itself for as long as 14,000 years and counting.”

“Only 33% of sub-Saharan Africans had a bank account in 2017. Many are suspicious of financial instruments. In countries with high inflation, saving in concrete is particularly appealing. ”

“But African avocado farming is promising a brighter future, according to both farmers and scientists. Due to an emphasis on smallholders and beneficial rain patterns, the crop's production is expected to be less environmentally harmful.”

“In the decaying post-industrial Midwestern city of Detroit, a young Black man by the name of Juan Atkins manifested an escape hatch into the future with the aid of his Korg MS10 synth”

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