Recorded my talk for FOSDEM and submitted it today/yesterday. Yes, I am late, it took a lot of effort to hit the 5 minutes slot, lots of random cuts and no camera... but Kdenlive is awesome and it is a bit better than I expected! I hope some of you will enjoy it <3

#matrix #nheko #FOSDEM

🗞️ TWIM is out!

During the previous week the Matrix community has been hard at work beyond instant messaging… and much more!

This week's Matrix Live contains no less than 5 demos, including the very exciting sync v3 we teased earlier this week.

You will also discover polls, timeline jumps, easy bridges and maximised widgets.


Hat jemand Erfahrung mit Lineage/AuroraStore/MicroG und der DKB Tan2Go App? Funktionieren die noch zusammen?
#cryptoparty #lineage #aurorastore #microg #dkb

Don't have 99$ for Age of Empires ? Try 0 A.D: Empires Ascendant, it's free, moddable, cross platform, and even open source!

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as #Facebook, is in fact, Meta/Facebook, or as I've recently taken to calling it, #Meta plus Facebook. Facebook is not a platform unto itself, but rather another horrible component of a fully functioning #Metaverse made useful by massive data collection, mental health destruction and vital shameless lies comprising a full alternative reality as defined by the billionaires who destroy the real world.


Spaces have blasted out of Beta, and landed in all the latest versions of Element! 🚀🌌

Navigate your rooms, people and conversations like never before! Huge thanks to everyone that contributed with feedback - please keep it coming!🙏


In case you missed it at the time... here's a graph of the synapse main process memory footprint after we shipped 1.38 mid-July. Yes, that's the homeserver itself trundling away at a fairly stable 2GB of RAM on the main process.

Friday again, which means we must read This Week in Matrix! Learn about Conduit (Rust homeserver) entering Beta, see a mega-update from Nheko, meet-the-iOS-devs Matrix Live and more! #twim #matrix

Congrats for Conduit team for beta release! Now we have three alternative Matrix servers to choose from. #matrix

Took some time and set up a space to aggregate and curate scientific communities and topics on #Matrix. It can be hard to find good, serious communities relevant to your interests, so this is my initiative to make it easier.

It has subspaces for natural sciences, #mathematics and computer #science (which also has a subspace for programming languages), as well rooms such as "Ask Science" and "Philosophy of Science".

For anyone interested, you can find the space via this link:!lBZPyclsQiWAwbHjT

Boosts are welcome. Would be nice if this could be a thing, especially given the experimental support for LaTeX in Element's composer it could be of some interest to scientific communities.

A funny realisation that I've made after having been algorithm free for youtube for a couple of months now, now there comes a time where I just feel satisfied and don't want to watch videos anymore, with the algorithm that never was the case, it feels pretty nice :)

Today I am angry. Furious, even. It doesn’t matter how many alarm bells ring about climate change or environmental destruction. The people in corporate and government power structures have, for too long, prioritised profits and shareholder value over stopping their destructive practices. They have ignored scientists who have warned us all FOR DECADES about the catastrophic effects of their business models. Individuals have been left with the insurmountable task of trying to saving the planet.

Have ya been using #NewPipe lately and wondering why your #YouTube video playback is buffering all the time? You are not alone:

🚀 Synapse 1.37.1 is out and includes important mitigations against for the recent spam attacks across the public Matrix network. Server administrators are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Read more about this release on the Matrix Blog:

⚡ BREAKING: Interior Minister Seehofer is asking for feedback on the new cyberstrategy draft. To save strong and online, please send them an email to You may use this doc (or make your own on the bmi website):

I have tried #OrganicMaps as a replacement for #OsmAnd and found it to be much, much better. Much more snappy, not so overloaded with features and it doesn't show unnecessary details.
One thing I check with every maps app is whether it shows the overhead electricity line near my place. For 99% of people this information is unnecessary but OsmAnd displays it prominently, like a road.
Anyways, OrganicMaps does well here in terms of details. Unfortunately the public transport routing is poor.

Protipp zum neuen Android-Firefox: Wenn ihr lange auf den Tabzähler drückt, kommt ein Dropdown-Menü, das es ermöglicht, den Tab sofort zu schließen, ohne nochmal Extrawisch über die Übersicht.
Auch nicht so bekannt: Ihr könnt jetzt durch horizontales Wischen über die URL-Leiste zwischen offenen Tabs wechseln.

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