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robinhood decided this morning to suspend buying of AMC and GME stock because regular people were making too much money, proving once again that any time the poors find a way to get any sort of financial foothold in this world the billionaire class will move swiftly to crush them

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Can we just have a global wealth tax already?
And a strong one. You got more than a billion dollars? Have a 99% tax rate.

In reality I would couple tax rate as a slightly log. function of the median local income.

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@timonsku I honestly don't think that high tax rates tackle the right angle of the problem. I would love to see a dynamic upper limit for salaries and bonuses based on the lowest salary and bonus in a company (including external hires). So let's say the binding factor would be 100, then a boss could only make 1000000 when their cleaning personal makes 10000 given their they are the lowest paid worker in the company. And that even when they are hired by another company.

@timonsku and if one shifts the Zero-Point a little to the right we can have negative taxes for lower incomes. And things will be simple.

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