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Other local TLs: Just you and your friends posting about your interests :o)

.social local TL: Multiple people whose posting style can only be described as "eerie". Yelling in 8 different languages. Some guy named Sex is posting instructions on uninstalling Microsoft Edge

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hewwo? hewwo??? its my birthday, can i get some boosts?? uwu

I didn't go to sleep tonight because I wasn't sure I would get up and go to Louisville for work if I did.

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TERFs are truly one of the most hateful groups of people on the planet and their existence horrifies me and makes me so sad

I think I spend too much time on the internet. Someone's name was Thill, but, the way he wrote his els, I thought it was Thicc when I first saw it.

I haven't finished packing, slept, taken out the trash, or put my mom's new phone number that she emailed me tonight and I will need to call when I get near her condo tomorrow in my phone.

I have no idea what most of what I just read means.

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The most enthusiastic self-own I've read in a long, long time.

Tonight's friend's band is also loud, but this bar is bigger. I'm still old.

I have no idea if she is flirting with me because she wants to date and/or have sex with me or just because she thinks I'm completely harmless.

I could still hear them playing when I left the bar.

My friend's band is so loud, and this bar is so small, and I'm so old.

The nice thing about having several social media accounts is that I can be as drunk and stupid on one of them as I want to be at any time without someone taking it the wrong way.

It's annoying knowing that a new season of Kim's Convenience is almost here and having to wait how ever many months until it's on Netflix to see it.

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My mom's refrigerator is really full, and part of the reason is there are two empty pitchers in it.

Why does my mom have a giant cat litter bucket?

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