when you have two differently sized monitors, and you make both 2x as tall with xrandr's --panning option, the smaller one will start panning earlier than the bigger one when your cursor goes to the bottom on the bigger one, it's kind of amusing

Anybody interested in getting their feet wet optimizing code based on a not-terribly-complicated AST? It'd be for . I wrote a lengthy mail for how to get started and what to look for if you want, it's here on the perl6 mailing list:


scifi.fyi doesn't look like it's coming back up any time soon, so i'll perhaps get back into mastodon from mastodon.social for a little bit, then look for a different server again

anybody knows why scifi.fyi has been giving an error page for the last couple of weeks?

might be a good idea to put the account name in here, too, even though it's in my profile already: @tmo

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I've just made an account on the scifi.fyi mastodon instance (actually glitch-soc). I'll soon export my follows from here over to the other instance, if you're wondering what's up with that: that's up with that.

randomly googled for live and found this: beesbuzz.biz/blog/636-Federate

It suggests discovery/announcement of streams via ActivityPub, hosting HLS playlists via a regular HTTP server, putting segments onto IPFS for VOD as well as DVR and mentions ActivityPub or IRC for the chat.

I haven't played with IPFS at all yet, though. I wonder how the $1/streamer/hour figure might have changed since then, and if maybe being "avant garde" with video/audio codecs could help things …

SDL2_TTF uses structs passed by-value in the API and that makes me kind of sad. well, bumped up the priority of implementing that for moarvm just a little …

is there nothing on the 'net that'll just let me plop a png in my browser and try upscaling it with all the different pixel art scaling filters that are commonly found in emulators and such? :\

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Finally caught up on all the questions in our tumblr inbox and ask.krita.org...

Adobe did a price change and that naturally doubles the amount of #krita related questions people have.

(If you wanna help out, make an account at identity.kde.org and use that to answer questions at ask.krita.org or on the krita subforum at forum.kde.org. I am not kidding, this helps a ton!)

Who would you rather fight:

- One Hundred Little Endian Chickens
- One Really Big Endian Chicken?

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For the holidays, you could say thank you to some of the people who write free software you use, especially software that isn't hugely popular.

Those of us who write little-known software may go for months without hearing from a user, and it can be a little de-motivating.

Hearing from someone who actually uses one's software gives an energising jolt that can carry one through several weeks of darkness and cold and wet.

germany, i'm rolling my eyes at you

there's a new spider man movie out

in germany

it's called

Spider-Man: A New Universe


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discord and accessibility 

so, discord appears to have remade their feedback page, in the process erasing all the old issues and their upvotes.

so we're gonna make the call for people to please, if you have a discord account, upvote this issue support.discordapp.com/hc/en-u so that maybe discord's asshole devs will finally make it actually accessible for screen readers

support.discordapp.com/hc/en-u is also worth upvoting.

also @ developers, make your shit accessible from the ground up

I've written and just published today's post!

It's about cellular automata!

It has links where you can run the code right in your browser and experiment with it!

I hope you'll like it. Please tell me what you think :blobcat:


soooo... can't you backup your whole tumblr most effectively by asking them to give you "all data they have about/from you" via GDPR-inspired request?

not really a way to put image descriptions "on" images you just link to …

though of course the image at that url might change at any moment, so *shrug*?

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PSA: if you use a screen reader and someone doesn't caption their images, it's :valid:​ to ask what the image is.

PSA: if someone asks what an image is, it's :valid: to tell them even if you didn't post the image.

ooh i could play rainy mood on my phone while under the shower for an extra relaxing experience!

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