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Today's random fun project: bind a tiny library to control this tiny LCD "picture frame", just blit random squares on the screen.

does it count as "getting swole" and "them gains" when it's a bump on top of my muscles caused by allergy-related injections?

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Emojis in message list in #Mozilla #Thunderbird is enormous on #Ubuntu 18.04 #Bionic.

What's wrong? Some stupid #font rendering problem in Ubundu?

I'd really like to have an option to wrap mails at a narrower width than the window they're in.

I could make the window narrower, but then the mail list would be too narrow. I could open mails in a new window but then navigating mails is more annoying.

The only options I could find so far were for what column to wrap plain text mails at while composing …

Help? :\

We are the knights who do a nii thing
for love
but we won't do that

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double rainbow all the way across the sky!

Have any of y'all written some extensions in ? Did anybody try writing one that uses PyQt or PySide to provide a GUI for something or other?

Ever wanted a one-liner where you mutate something in between, but you wanted further methods to apply to the object rather than the mutator's return value?

I just made this operator in ; I think it's quite pretty actually!

If i find a good name for it, maybe I'll put it in a module. The brackets/symbols to use are still up for debate, too. Open for suggestions :)


image via dawn_labs (on birdsite)

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Thanks to @timotimo for reminding me that the Netpbm format exists - I was able to do some simple image manipulation with a Perl one-liner this morning thanks to that!

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Current owners of A Hat In Time (and I assume also people who buy it now or soon) can get the Seal The Deal DLC for free over on steam for the next ~20 hours!

Check out the trailer, it's cute!

at what price point am i going to find more or less only phones that are straight upgrades from my nexus 5? :D

Since my smartphone now not only has a cracked screen, but also regularly acts as if i had been holding the power button, i think it might be time to get a new one.

Can y'all give me recommendations for something near 300 euros? Or do "powerful" phones start far above that?

So I've been working on this HTML web app that lets you explore/analyze the results of a profile made on , and one of the features my users have loved the most is that the "Routines" list and call graph explorer has links directly to the file and line number of functions (where available).

Well, here's the next step: Link to the docs for types that are likely to have 'em!

Proud of this one! :blobcat:

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Case Closed/Meitantei Conan creepy pasta (if that's the right word) Show more

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Case Closed/Meitantei Conan creepy pasta (if that's the right word) Show more

I made sandwiches today.
Ask me anything!

or just leave a nice message, that's cool, too.

"drying stripes with gaps", 3417940016

it's like drying stripes, but the vertical lines have a bunch of gaps in them!

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