NEW PEOPLE: Mastodon really does work. The hardware is just a little slashdotted right now. Normally it's about as reliable as Twitter 2017, not Twitter 2007.

Just use the ✅ symbol to signal what instance you're currently active on. That way, there's finally a good use to that bloody check mark.

One more hat-tip to @five for this.

The ✅ symbol @, signals that I'm actively using that instance, and that my other nonchecked instance identities are hibernating. Hat-tip to @five for the idea.

@timp @Gargron @frankmeeuwsen

Agreed. Now if only we had cheap/easy account migration and/or meaningful account linkage of some kind. This would be the only thing likely to motivate me to start an instance.

There would be an attraction to starting one with membership only open to people who've been around my infrastructure coding group a while as a badge of honor thing, plus local feed making it easy for alumni to connect.

I'll be posting from for a bit now. Just exploring the , and seeing how well their censorship-even-less-things policy works out.

I am trying to set up my own instance but am running into some trouble. If anyone has a working instance (without using docker) and would be willing to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm so focused on the UI, I haven't even really looked at the code yet.

Daily praise of @Gargron.

you make a great tool. thanks for all your hard work. Being a part of a community at this point, even with the growing pains, feels pretty magical.

Wanna help Mastodon?

Code speaks louder than money.

Closing registrations might keep this thing under control. Keeping them open might incentivize people to spin up their own instances. :thinking:

@frankmeeuwsen @Gargron

Yes, starting an instance around some affinity group would give you a strong local feed that helps like-minded people meet one another, while leaving everyone open to following other stuff/people they care about via federation.

Everybody on is like so happy to be here, that all were doing is bitch about .

Welcome to Twitter Unlimited! New! With increased block size! Much decentralization. Wow!

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