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TIL LeBron James will be making a sequel to Space Jam, but what I really want to know is: what will the website be like??

What I would give for iA Writer to let me use _underscores_ instead of *stars.*

Decided to make this hanami+dry-system thing real. Set up a small client app today with hamami-router and hanami-controller on top of dry-system and dry-view. Sessions, cookies, flash, CSRF protection, all wired up! Still feeling good about this.

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Super glad I bought an iPhone SE this time last year. I just love the form factor.

Super handy of GitHub to show the "create pull request" URL when you push a new branch.

Let's all take a moment today to play _Cake's_ "The Distance."

All I'm saying is that if you're making an iOS app and you're NOT going to use the fantastic system font, your choice of replacement better blow my mind.

(It won't, so don't)

Every week I'm impressed by just how much I enjoy the "Chill Mix" that Apple Music puts together for me. Wonderful working music.

Asana is terribly difficult to understand.

Introduced the kids to brinner tonight. Their minds were suitably blown.

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Cross-tooting Kelly Sutton:

Periodic reminder: it’s faster to create ~20K objects in Ruby than to make one 5ms round trip to the database.

Be selective about what you optimize in your apps!


This has been a very strange week of waiting around, away from regular work and life patterns.

So in the small snippets of available time I have started experimenting with using hanami-{router, controller} as a frontdoor to Icelab's usual dry-system-based application stack. This could be the future.

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You are underestimating the compounding awesomeness of continually fixing small broken things.

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Integration test the happy path, and unit test the error cases. — Noel Rappin

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I'm liking this trend of rewriting features of frameworks (ex: code reloading, generators, rake tasks) as agnostic libraries. This gives the Ruby ecosystem an advantage when the next killer app / development craze happens, as we can quickly slap together a framework using various off-the-shelf gems.

sitemaps r boring

am I bad?

module Main
class SitemapRepo < ROM::Repository
include Import.args["core.persistence.rom"]

def self.🔎(name, &relation_block)
define_method :"each_#{name}" do |&handler_block|
instance_eval(&relation_block).each_batch do |batch|
batch.to_a.each do |record|

🔎 :product do
products.visible.select(:id, :slug)

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