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Read more about dry-view 0.6.0 and our plans for 1.0. There’s a lot of new features to consider, but you’re in luck: this post includes my talk from RubyConf AU, which introduces them all!

How did I ever forget that this amazing album exists?

Must've lost it when Rdio closed down. *pours one out, and listens to the album for the 4th time today*

First slide deck for me that's required frequent usage of ImageMagick tools to get things done.

Soon I'll need to combine that with some custom Ruby for generated imagery.

Awesome things: I have direct line of sight vision from my office window to our apartment building, some ~20km away.

I should've bought a 2DS years ago, it's so good!

Brewfile Gemfile Guardfile Procfile Rakefile

Wow, today I discovered _Visions of Atlantis_, they are really great!

Me: I'm going to knock out some really simple slides for this talk, it's the _content_ that matters after all.

Also me: *spends hours perfecting subtle Keynote animations*

Me: I'm going to make this talk more about *concepts* and less about code.

Also me: prepares >70 slides of code.

Planning for a 45 minute talk is HARD.

(Though I suppose later I'll be saying “having to fit my content into _just_ 45 minutes is HARD!”)

Does anyone have good strategies for incorporating VCR ( and similar into test suites, while still having them check _some_ tests against the actual live service, just to make sure things still fully integrate properly? And what about for updating the recorded responses over time?

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