Enjoying the bustling south coast vibes on this sunny day.

Side-effect of switching from ActiveRecord to rom-rb ~3 years ago. Not only are my apps better architected, but I've become MUCH better at working and thinking directly in SQL.

This means I get to push more processing work away from Ruby and into the database, where it is handled faster and better.

I'd love to use the "friendlier" HTTP.rb gem here, but completely failing to work is kind of undermining the "friendly" part.

Any folk here found issues with the http gem not working with responses lacking a Content-Length header?


=> ""


=> "<!DOCTYPE html>... "

Remember when you could just _use_ the google maps API?

Taylor Swift concert prep, as a 34yo sleep-deprived father: we arrive early at hotel, enjoy a couple of glasses champagne, grab a cheap $5 end-of-the-day Chinese dinner, and importantly, the disco cup of tea (I believe this will be the clincher).

Made a unicode joke at work and my day is complete

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Amerie's two(!) new albums are totally my jam right now.

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I like Dozer's interaction for hiding menu bar items on macOS. github.com/Mortennn/Dozer.

Gave birth to 2 talk proposals this week. This is a big thing, they’d been gestating for quite some time. I hope I get the chance to share them!

Started watching Steven Universe last night, and it is ADORABLE. Thank you for sharing this recommendation with the world, @ashfurrow!


Absolutely cannot resist a bit of hurdy-gurdy in my heavy metal.

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