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Read more about dry-view 0.6.0 and our plans for 1.0. There’s a lot of new features to consider, but you’re in luck: this post includes my talk from RubyConf AU, which introduces them all!

Never not awestruck by the beauty of Therion’s

Spent a good couple of hours barking up the wrong tree because I hadn't realised I needed to call Rake::Task["my:task"].reenable in between unit tests.

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Why did I not get out my noise cancelling headphones on WFH days earlier?!

Been working on a subsystem of this app that needs to process millions of background jobs a day.

Initially I was using the same (Postgres-backed) background jobs queue for this as the other more general parts of the app, but it was getting SLOOOW.

Today I finally switched this subsystem to Sidekiq and it has immediately made everything so much better!

Thanks @mperham for a wonderful tool!

Stuck on this old, slow, pixel-y 11" MacBook Air while my MBP gets a top case replacement.

There's not a lot to love, but gosh it feels good to hammer away at the keyboard without worry.

Metroid Fusion is unbelievably tense and engrossing. What a great game!

You know things are going well when you write a test whose invocation deletes the entire checkout of your codebase.

How did I ever forget that this amazing album exists?

Must've lost it when Rdio closed down. *pours one out, and listens to the album for the 4th time today*

First slide deck for me that's required frequent usage of ImageMagick tools to get things done.

Soon I'll need to combine that with some custom Ruby for generated imagery.

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