Been playing tonight. Now THAT is some refreshing indie game! Really fun, superb gameplay and seriously worth the money! 😄⚔️


@iainvdw I’ve been following (one of) the authors on birdsite for a while now. It looks promising, but never played this style of game so not sure if I’ll truly enjoy it. Convince me 😋

@iainvdw Thinking about it, maybe answering this question will. Is it tactical? Do you fail miserably when units are badly positioned? I’ll probably love it if tactics are involved.

@timsev Yes it is pretty tactical. And yes, you will fail miserably when you make bad choices! 😄

There's a couple of types of attackers and your control a couple of squads, each upgradeable to a different type (infantry, pikemen and archers). Each type has their pros and cons, so pick and position wisely :)

Also, terrain can be used to your advantage. Position archers on top of hills, position pikemen on chokepoints, let infantry deal the damage, chase archers and fleeing enemies, etc.

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