@rikschennink on-topic: that’s a great budget set-up. Is this for user testing or recording demos?

@rikschennink not sure if camera app on Samsung Galaxy series is the Android default, but on those you can set it the mode to pro and set everything manually. You might need a gesture to access it.

I generally distrust third party stuff more than vanilla apps 😛

Random thought: theoretically increases codebase performance. Type checking in functions is fairly common in vanilla JS, but could mean a value is validated several times when passed through several functions. With , you don’t have to.

I do like JavaScript, but some proposals make me want to gauge out my eyes. I should look into WebAssembly.

@rikschennink maybe when the image is being processed, you can remove the corner controls and remove or disable the buttons.

@iainvdw I’m a little bit annoyed by the cut just before the shuffle at the end. It could be the robot was out of sync or maybe technical issues. The fact that it’s so close to being flawless annoys me.

So I went to cnet.com. What a piece of garbage.

- Got a cookie notification
- Got two newsletter pop-ups
- Video of another article started playing with sound
- 30MB loaded after 3 minutes
- Loads of cookies and other storage, a lot of third parties
- Ads everywhere

It also tells me my password needs to be at least 6 characters long, regardless whether I type in 8 or 40 characters. I think that's a side-effect of the internal error.

@Hdv@toot.cafe Great thoughts as always, my friend. It’s silly people claim things are bad without having the in-depth knowledge to make such claims. People are just quick to judge I suppose.

Several hobbies are starting to come together and I can’t be happier about it. I’m reviving my blog by redesigning it and that involves some creative coding.

@iainvdw Thinking about it, maybe answering this question will. Is it tactical? Do you fail miserably when units are badly positioned? I’ll probably love it if tactics are involved.

@iainvdw I’ve been following (one of) the authors on birdsite for a while now. It looks promising, but never played this style of game so not sure if I’ll truly enjoy it. Convince me 😋

“Why Love Generative Art?” Jason Bailey explains the beauty of generative art and gives a brief tour of it’s history.

@rikschennink I’m the kind of guy that responds with a sentence that includes Vue pronounced correctly. It’s subtle, but people often catch it 😋

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