@adi Congrats! You mentioned that you were stuck with the next `nth_back` implementation, I'd love to help out if you're still interested. (I recently also had my first Rust PRs merged and they were related to iterators as well)

@timvermeulen Thanks 😊 I'm stuck with a design decision and I don't want to implement just something without proper integration. I wrote down my thoughts in this commit message github.com/koalatux/rust/commi maybe you can give me some input there?
The next steps for me will be editing the ticket and insert a todo list of implementations (I already have it available) and then continue with an implementation of an easier trait.

@adi Hmm, looks like the Step trait is in a weird place right now (looking at github.com/rust-lang/rust/issu) – maybe it's not worth it implementing nth_back for Range at this stage :) But I agree that it probably makes sense for Step to have sub_usize rather than some other trait.

@timvermeulen Thank you for the investigation, I agree, we'd better skip the Range trait for now.

Yesterday I updated my original issue and added a task list. Feel free to implement some of those specializations: github.com/rust-lang/rust/issu


@adi Thanks, that's a great list! I'll be sure to comment in that thread if/when I implement any, so you can cross them off.

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