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Dear fellow #Mastodon users. Please be patient with the people creating Mastodon and GNU Social.

Writing software takes time, and the teams working on these applications are very small.

Most of them are also wearing many hats. Some are students, others have full time non-Mastodon jobs. Some admin instances in addtion to writing code.

The Twitter kitchen probably has more people working in it than the entire #Fediverse. Please adjust your expectations accordingly! ๐Ÿ˜„

Leo Tindall ๐Ÿ’พ @tindall

@HerraBRE This goes for moderation as well. Yes, we want to ban harassers. Yes, we want to prevent users from being targeted by trolls. But there are so few of us. As an instance admin for a small group, I have a pretty easy time; I know everyone who submits a report personally, and I can easily contact them out-of-band. @Gargron, for instance, does not have that luxury. Everyone is doing their best; tell us what we can do better but don't blame us for not having enough time.

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