I'm seeing a few new people cautiously say things like "let's enjoy this place before the bad people get here" and I just want to say:

Don't worry! They're already here! But thanks to the heroic work of your instance moderators and admins, you will never see them. And if they do show up then your mods will get rid of them: unlike Twitter, the reporting functions here are reviewed by real people who don't care about turning a profit, and instead focus on enforcing community guidelines


@melissasage Now there are a few thousands of users. A worry is whether the moderators will still be able to handle it when the number of users grow to hundreds of thousands, and the number of trolls also grow proportionally.

@tintin1107 size is definitely a real problem, and I know that they're looking for new moderators partially for this reason, but if mastodon.social gets too big, or starts doing a bad job, people also have the option of moving to a different, smaller Mastodon instance. A lot of people do this - I started out on mastodon.social before moving here to radical.town.

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