Occasional reminder that I don't post from here anymore, you can follow me at @darius

hey so remember how I wanted a project gutenberg corpus with every plaintext file in an easy-to-use format? mastodon.social/@aparrish/1005

well I wanted it so bad I guess that I went ahead and made it github.com/aparrish/gutenberg-

e e , e e e ,
e e e.

E 101. e ee.

Ee e E e , e e ee,
e e , e e e e e Ee,
e , e e e
Ee & ; e e’ , e
e e e e e ,
e ee. , e e
1775, e e eee, e
-e e ; e (1775) e
e E ee e e e e e;
e e e e (ee e 1726)
e e e e e ee

this is a really great overview not just of generative music but computational creativity in general imo teropa.info/loop/

Hi new Mastodon folks! If you found me here, this is NOT my current account. I live at @darius

Hi everyone. I'm once again trying to get back into Mastodon. Follow me at my active account, @darius and say hi if you like! I'm looking for weirdos to follow.

Hello followers! Yet again reminding you that I'm now at @darius and you can follow me there if you like.

Periodic reminder that I am no longer posting on this account. Follow me at @darius

@chris Hello! I am moving to a new Mastodon account. Please follow me instead at @darius. Thanks.

Since I'm moving from mastodon.social to this new instance, I made a bot that I'm running on my old account. It responds to any new followers once, telling them where I've moved. Code is here, feel free to use/modify:


Note: it only works as well as the instance you're migrating from. So in my case, when mastodon.social is janky, the bot doesn't autoreply at all. No guarantees here.

@checkmiccheck Hello! I am moving to a new Mastodon account. Please follow me instead at @darius. Thanks.

I'm moving! You can follow me over at @darius! I'll continue to post here a little more but eventually this account will be a bot that auto-responds to new followers saying "please follow me [here]".

Bill O'Reilly Vows to Unveil Tax-Cut Plan Next Week, Surprising Staff

mastodon instance admin question 

Ok it looks like WEB_DOMAIN is kinda broken still. Probably won't officially switch to to my new domain until that gets resolved. (There are some PRs in the pipeline at least)

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mastodon instance admin question 

So I've set up my new user over at @darius@tinysubversions.com. It is able to follow me here on mastodon.social, see my toots, etc, but I can't see my instance at all from mastodon.social. Even searching for the user here doesn't work. Do I just need to like, wait this out? (I am using the new "WEB_DOMAIN" env variable to alias social.tinysubversions.com in my fediverse ID, if that matters.)

Trump removed from post by Trump administration, replaced by deputy

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