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Darius: Moving Accts, See Bio @tinysubversions

Hello followers! Yet again reminding you that I'm now at @darius and you can follow me there if you like.

Hello! I am no longer posting here. Follow me at @darius instead.

Periodic reminder that I am no longer posting on this account. Follow me at @darius

@chris Hello! I am moving to a new Mastodon account. Please follow me instead at @darius. Thanks.

@enkiv2 You're only ever slightly expanding your filter bubble. As long as we are non-omniscient brains that rely on our senses to receive information there's always going to be a slightly bigger filter bubble!

(Also tagging in my new account so I can reply from there if this convo continues @darius)

Since I'm moving from mastodon.social to this new instance, I made a bot that I'm running on my old account. It responds to any new followers once, telling them where I've moved. Code is here, feel free to use/modify:


Note: it only works as well as the instance you're migrating from. So in my case, when mastodon.social is janky, the bot doesn't autoreply at all. No guarantees here.

@frankiesaxx Yeah. I spent a long time reading, for example, NRX doctrine, and going "Wow, this is incredibly flawed in many ways." It prepared me to better engage with those people in debate but if anything it solidified my own suspicion that I wouldn't agree with them on much of anything.

@pobocks Yeah, that does make sense. I think I'm trying to challenge that definition a little here.

@GyrosGeier Precisely. I read stuff way, way outside of my comfort zone in all areas all the time and my response is usually, "I understand why they're constructing these arguments but I think they're fundamentally flawed in certain ways." At times, reading outside my comfort zone makes me more able to defend the points I came in believing. Of course sometimes I really do shift positions! But uh usually more radically

@enkiv2 I think that's a really extreme definition of a filter bubble though. Like, I think, say, George W. Bush reading Marx would constitute breaking his filter bubble.

@checkmiccheck Hello! I am moving to a new Mastodon account. Please follow me instead at @darius. Thanks.

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@rayalez Specifically, that file was missing because I was doing a thing where my instance is hosted on social.tinysubversions.com but the federation ID is tinysubversions.com

@rayalez Cool. Turns out I was missing a /.well-known/host-meta XML file on my server, which Webfinger wanted to see even though it wasn't clearly documented (there is now a PR in to document that)

I'm moving! You can follow me over at @darius! I'll continue to post here a little more but eventually this account will be a bot that auto-responds to new followers saying "please follow me [here]".

Bill O'Reilly Vows to Unveil Tax-Cut Plan Next Week, Surprising Staff

@mus ? oh! a group of drinks including oolong, lapsang, assam, chai, hibiscus. got it