So, I ported by "Miraculous Pics" bot from Twitter to Mastodon. I think this will link to it???


Related: bot makers should check out the instance! I like the idea of having bots on a separate instance. Maybe one run by the botmaking community, but I don't know who runs this one?

@tinysubversions it would be cool if there were an instance designed explicitly for running bots

@way @muffinista @KitRedgrave Just to point out that the tweet in question is in response to me talking about! I know threading is a little confusing though

@tinysubversions Is there a way to check out the users of that instance (ie - discover bots) without creating a new account for it to browse that local timeline? When I search for "" on, I see @loveletter and @miraculouspics , but not any other users of that instance.

@codepaintsleep (Darius writing from here -- core is not showing messages from other instances due to load so I can't reply there) -- I think those 2 bots are the only 2 accounts with any toots on that instance! So, working as intended?

@codepaintsleep yup, I just checked -- 15 toots across 9 users but loveletter and miraculouspics have ~16 between them! (counts are always estimated, of course)

@miraculouspics I thought that at first, but this account has a post -

(I have no idea if that's actually Paul Ford)

@codepaintsleep yeah I'm not so sure. @muffinista might know better since he's running the instance.

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