For me the hardest part of making a Mastodon bot was figuring out the OAuth dance to get my access token.

Twitter offers a UI that does this for you, so I made one for Mastodon! It works on any instance, but it does require you to run a `curl` command (that it generates for you) at the very end. Hope you find it useful!

@tinysubversions OH THIS IS GREAT! Thank you! I've had the same problems when I played around with my apps, hahah.

@tinysubversions superthanks!

(runs off to make a tracery metasite for masto.)

@tinysubversions NICE! Can't wait to see what your bots do with the extra 360 characters

@tinysubversions That Oauth dance would be the hardest part of a mission to Mars

@tinysubversions Thank you!! This was the single biggest hurdle for my Raspberry Pi/Mastodon client project, too.

@tinysubversions Thanks for this! I tried updating @autoblake this past summer. I realized that William Blake repeats himself so much in his prophetic works and has so many run-on sentences that it was difficult for Markov-Tweet to properly end the strings at 140 characters. Maybe Mastodon's larger character set will create something interesting!

@tinysubversions eeee yesssss. this is gonna so come in handy when i convert roboapolofizer and autovalidaror into mastobots

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