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Darius: Moving Accts, See Bio @tinysubversions

Any other botmakers encounter an issue with a Mastodon instance where on a POST request to the `statuses` endpoint it returns the "We're sorry" HTML page instead of even a JSON formatted error?

curl example: gist.github.com/dariusk/01c2f2

All other POSTs and GETs are working as expected, it's just the status post that is returning this. Manual posting from the web client works fine.

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@tinysubversions Ack, this could be any uncaught error. This is on your instance, right? Do you have access to the logs? There's probably an exception in there that might point to a legit Mastodon bug. (I'm happy to look if you want to share!)

@johnholdun Thank you! I'm not a ruby person -- do you know where I'd find logs on a standard install, no docker? my live/logs/production.log file is empty

@johnholdun (I thought it might be in my syslog but it looks like that's just nginx stuff)

@johnholdun Oh wait it was in my syslog after all, I was looking at the wrong file. I think I've got this!

@tinysubversions Nice! I've been poking around the source but hadn't come up with any leads yet, so I'm glad you're ahead of me. Let me know if I can help further 👌

@johnholdun This is 99% likely a problem with my own code to allow only "e", which is actually a relief, since I wrote that code

UPDATE: This was just an error in some code I wrote for my fork. Apparently an uncaught error will return that HTML page instead of a well-formed error. I had to look in /var/log/syslog to find the error, at which point it was pretty apparent!