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boost this and i'll give you a randomized dragon
(cannot guarantee that it won't be ugly)

been tackling a really nasty flu ever since saturday night, the fever is starting to abate but I can't stop coughing convulsively, feels like I'm gonna pop a lung :((

that.....first emoji was not meant to be there, but alright

had a terrible week, but made myself go to town today and then :toot: did a bunch of chores. feels good to have my space feel dealt with at the very least :toot:

seeing people losing their minds over voltron not ending how they wanted it to is literally baffling me lol, why is it that people these days think shows are gonna cater directly to them? honestly.

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Watch out boy, she'll snoot you up

Oooohhh here she comes

She's an anteater

Tomorrow is the last day of term, I'm pretty glad I managed to get through it after all. I've started leaning into tackling work again and it's a relief to realise it's not as difficult to get through as I imagined. Hopefully next term will pick up much easier!

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You're all wonderful and strong folks.

Had a dream last night about going to see Cats at the theatre but I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were like forced shut and I could barely open them, and for some reason it’s stayed on my mind all day lmao

I’ve had tinnitus for like four weeks straight 😭😭 make it stopppp

Got through my deadline today, and then had a six hour nap. It's been a really tough few weeks mentally and emotionally lately with everything clashing together at the worst times. Hoping to get this behind me soon and get back to my life lmao

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The departure of @bea is proof that the fediverse is not universally the amazing savior-of-the-socials that a lot of you think it is. I am very glad if you’ve found a safe place. I am very glad if you’ve found a community. But this place can be harder on people than the places we fled and we do not protect or defend people the way we should. We turn tribal and nasty and drive people away. I am guilty of this too particularly if you know my older alts. We all need to do better, be better.

Second illustration of the LOTR set! I'm pretty chuffed with this one, I haven't done armour much before but drawing the witch king was a lot of fun!

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@tinzeal "She speaks, yet she says nothing. What of that?"

- Romeo And Juliet, Act II, Scene 2, Line 12.

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boost this and I'll tell you which shakespeare line you are. these will be selected completely randomly

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I also made this earlier in the year and submitted it to my uni's fundraiser calendar, and it got selected! Well chuffed :D

Inspired by a factoid about the world's largest organism being a gigantic mushroom colony the size of a forest.I had a lot of fun!

I'm doing a set of LOTR illustrations for my current uni project - I'm quite enjoying it, aside from the Friday deadline breathing down my neck 😖

gonna try tabling with my gf soon at a really small scale art fair in my city soon! Nervous but sort of excited too, it'd be really awesome to start selling some of my arty stuff! :toot:

been wrestling with flu so I've had to miss a week of college :s it was kinda nice to have a break but now I gotta play catch up and aauguhgghhghrjrsfdhd

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