I had to stay up really late but I also got this picture of my cat so I feel like I'm winning tbh

The more I take care of my hair properly the more it transforms me into an anime princess I guess??

astrology level discrimination coming into play in the UK now smh

doing sum doodling to destress, i haven't managed to draw anything in ages so feeling a bit rusty

Trying out a new way of rendering my digital art! Quite proud of myself for finishing this one ☺️ ✌️

I did the ToonMe challenge from Instagram and Twitter! Really enjoyed this, it was fun to do something a bit different c:

Trying to get back on the creative horse with some ref studies. I don't have much experience with drawing older people so I thought I'd give that a go! Not all the way there yet on this one but making progress ✌️

Also have these WIPs kicking around that I'm trying to chip away at, little by little! I just like drawing girls

Some pieces I made earlier during the month! I had a lot going on in October so I didn’t get very far with the challenge, but I had fun with it! These ones were for the prompts “queen” and

Happy !!! I adopted my cat Prince from a rescue shelter a bit under 3 weeks ago and I love him to bits, he’s the sweetest little sausage 💖💖💖

Our cat has been home for a day and he’s settling in so well!! He’s still a bit shy but he loves affection and he purrs nonstop when you talk to him. He slept near my feet for a while too during the night! I love himmmm

My gf and me are adopting a cat on Saturday!! We’ve been to see him a couple times at the sanctuary now, he’s very shy and scared of other cats so he was hiding in his bed the whole time but he’s started to warm up to us and nuzzle us/eat treats out of our hands. I love him so much and I can’t wait to have him home 💖💖

Been focusing on black and white art lately just to try and nail values and form down a bit more - I’m pretty weak in those areas 😫😫

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