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Hello, federated microblogging :)

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You know instance admins can read your direct messages in the fediverse? Twitter and Facebook also can - and sometimes do - read your private messages, and they have infrastructure to comply with law enforcement requests. I'd love to see some end-to-end encryption built into Mastodon clients.

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Friendly reminder that even if you trust your admin, direct messages can be read by them. Private communications should be done via tools designed for this.


Friendly reminder : même si vous faites confiance a votre admin, il peut lire vos messages privés (DM). Les communications privées devraient se faire grace a des outils pensés pour ça.

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Current #e2e #encryption prototype progress:

It's currently possibly to send and receive single toot encrypted direct toots to individual recipients with externally shared keys using ECDH/AES-CCM

Next up is scraping public keys from profile bios as a simple means of key discovery which is a very minor job.

Then after that I will begin work on multiple toot (large) messages, followed by multiple recipients, and then look at better key sharing.

Probably then build a Firefox extension PoC.

Only 4% of editorial board members of top #philosophy journals have their primary institution in a nong-anglophone country dailynous.com/2017/04/06/domin

@unorigmoniker I guess so, but having the choice does not seem wrong!

Here's the Github isue to get Mastodon into Freedombox: github.com/freedombox/Plinth/i

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Harvard Students Launch “Resistance School” Today, a 4-Week, Open Course Offering “Practical Skills for Taking Back America” openculture.com/2017/04/harvar

A great tool to find legal open-access versions of paywalled articles: unpaywall.org/ #unpaywall #openaccess #academia

Trying this thing!