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Reminder: I have moved my account to @titus - please follow me there!

I'll slowly move my account to @titus . Social.coop is an instance that is run as a cooperative by its members. This seems worth supporting to me.

good article about the power of Facebook and how to foster alternatives
"These noncommercial alternatives would not have to be funded by the government (which is fortunate, given that government funding for public media such as PBS is in doubt these days). Ralph Engelman, a media historian at Long Island University who wrote Public Radio and Television in America: A Political History, points out that the creation of public broadcasting was led by—and partially funded by—prominent nonprofit groups such as the Ford and Carnegie Foundations."

A review of the Unpaywall (unpaywall.org/) extension (provides free access to authors versions of paywalled journal articles) in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication: doi.org/10.7710/2162-3309.2190

Video von Panzerwagen im Nordirak: Deutsche Waffen im Kurdenkonflikt? - http://www.taz.de/Video-von-Panzerwagen-im-Nordirak/!5401756/