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I'm hiring two Principal Security Researchers to join my Applied Research Team at Veracode. One focused on application static analysis and auto-remediation, one focused on dynamic analysis of web apps and web APIs.

My team is fully remote always (we have team members in EU, UK, US so far), great support for education (including attending conferences), pursuing your own projects, flexible scheduling, etc.

Boosts appreciated!

More info:

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~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~


Wireguard Manager

Self-hosted Wireguard Manager. Installs and configures a ready-to-use WireGuard Interface.

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4,361,837 accounts
+82 in the last hour
+2,135 in the last day
+20,904 in the last week

Drywall to fix around the tub/shower, tile, and then paint the whole room.

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Installed a new bath fan and ceiling light. Only took two trips to the hardware store.

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Hi friends,

#Signal donation system is NOT under heavy load. The service is fully operational. Feel free to use it 😉

Whatsapp rant. 

*Whatsapp back pedals as fast as they can before they loose more users*

Messages are end to end encrypted in Whatsapp.... That's cool.

What about the other data Whatsapp is wanting to share with Facebook (contacts, profile picture, usage data, etc), and then in turn sell said data off to 3rd party companies? (like the company in China they recently sold to?)

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That one time Signal was subpoenaed to hand over user data.

“We’ve designed the Signal service to minimize the data we retain about Signal users, so the only information we can produce in response to a request like this is the date and time a user registered with Signal and the last date of a user’s connectivity to the Signal service.”

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