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Mr Robot

I'm bored.

O wait, I have a desktop PC to my disposal, with the biggest network of information, communication and entertainment ever in history of makind. I can do things that were impossible 100 or even 20 years ago.

Still, I'm bored.

So I bought myself this new mouse yesterday. It isn't wireless like my old one, but this is for the better. My keyboard and my old mouse were using the same frequency, so they didn't work very well all the time, but this has been fixed FINNALLY.

It is also a bigger one, and I have big hands, so that's a second plus.

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Are 'feature phones' available with Whatsapp? It kinda sucks, but Whatsapp is standard where I live, but I don't want/need a smartphone anymore.

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I lost my phone yesterday at Lyon, France. It's a black Wiko with the screen broken in half. I lost it in the T4, between Lyon Part-Dieu and Manufacture Montluc, between 18h and 19h.

It has a message which say "If you find my phone, please send an email to" on it.

If you've seen something similar, please, contact me using this email or on Mastodon.

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Happy holidays: AMD finally pushing out open-source Vulkan driver!

As part of "Radeon Software Adrenalin Driver", in their press deck they tossed in a couple Linux slides even though Linux users aren't getting this same driver package.

The big news of their Linux update is finally having this driver be open-sourced. As far as when the open-sourcing is going to occur, it will likely be within a few days.

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postmarketOS: a real Linux distribution on the phone.

A touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones and other mobile devices.

postmarketOS is developed in the spirit of regular Linux distributions, so there's no problem in having multiple phone interfaces and let the user choose.

A lot of work already went into getting KDE plasma mobile running, it is getting closer every day!


Central exams tommorow. O fuck, here we go again.

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~ Computer security tips from the year 2035 ~

Never memorise the characters that comprise your password as this could be picked up by a nearby device with Facebook thought-to-text activated

Instead, focus on using muscle memory alone to hit the correct keys in the correct order

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Better accomplish something or I’ll hate myself again today

It is snow-y outside and I hate it. More reason to stay inside in front of my computer.

By the way: I really need to setup a LibrePay account, but I don't have the money just yet to start supporting Mastodon & Co. I think I'll be supporting at least by the end of the week.

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Matt Hartley: "Ubuntu History: Linux Evolves".

He writes: "For many Linux users, it’s easy to forget what the Linux landscape looked like before Ubuntu. Back then, newbie centric distros didn’t have Ubuntu as their core. Instead, they relied exclusively on Debian, with the exception of Mandriva. In this spirit of remembrance, I want to take a look back at Ubuntu through the years."


Anyone knows a good mailing client for Linux, with Mate integration and without a Gnome3 look (so just GTK, no QT either). I was thinking Evolution

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Early morning, tucked up in bed with my cup of tea, and the cat sits on my laptop. :thinkhappy:


I just set my mate theme to 'traditionalOk' with the 'mate' iconset. Man, it looks excactly like Gnome 2 and I just lover it.

It looks both old, but also just so damn right.

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