In Zelda 2, when Link finds a 1up it's literally a little doll of himself, which he holds up triumphantly like other special items. What I'm saying is, Link is some sort of lich.

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good web design is when you have to click zero times to see the good horse picture

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You're tellin me I need 40,000 warhammers to play this game? What is it, a game for millionaires?

Day Drinking? Old hat. Let me introduce you to...

~ ' N I G H T C O F F E E ' ~

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It's illegal to install python in the everglades because it breaks the environment

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Enjoying the finest of popped tarts during this luncheon hour

Jordan Peterson emerges from a dusty library, proudly holding up scribbled blueprints of his new "crypto-validated" chastity belt for men

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>log onto twitter
>tim pool elon musk buffalo shooter steven crowder nazi fascism war

>log onto mastodon

The virgin twitter user vs the chad mastodon user (also a virgin)

Daisy-chaining a bunch of power strips down the block and into a manhole so I can play the NES TMNT game where it was meant to be played: in a sewer.

Follow my instagram for great examples of how to create a puckish aire of whimsy and mystery around your toilet

The problem with apes is that they debase the real currency of the internet, which is cat pictures

Since the police don't police the police and we don't know who watches the watchmen, maybe we should have the watchmen watch the police and make the police police the watchmen, just spitballing here.

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Mentioning MST3K on here is an immediate follow from me

No I will not mute stuff about Eurovision, gotta find out if My Lovely Horse wins this year.

It's been 4 years since I posted on here but I am recognizing a few usernames here and there, that's pretty wild. Funny and smart people, too.

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computers are a kind of spirit or ghost. scientists have thus far been unable to determine if the computer is good or evil

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