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The real metadata turned out to be the friends we made along the way

An iOS app with a BSD sockets TCP listener will lose it when the device is locked, receiving an error on accept() when it returns to the foreground. Do any or nerds know why kqueue would mark that socket fd as writable in this situation, but readable for other conditions like EMFILE?

Carl from & I would love it if you would enlighten us on this unsatisfying PR I made github.com/tokio-rs/tokio/pull

Android API troubleshooting:
* Are you on a background thread? That will only work 97% of the time, do it on the main thread.
* Are you on the main thread? You're slowing the app down you nutter, use a background thread.
* Are you doing two requests at once? Stop that, put them in a queue.
* Are you doing an async operation? Use a TimerTask so progress can continue if it never indicates success or failure.
* You now have to make a second simultaneous request with the unresponsive one. Good luck.

While it's improved over the years, networking APIs on Android are still so confoundingly unreliable. Callbacks that sometimes don't call back, methods that only work if you give it a delay to get ready first, undocumented RuntimeExceptions thrown in your face. And that's on a high-end Samsung. Often it's lost in the hubbub just how much better Apple's software engineering quality is. I see bugs from them too of course but it's nowhere near as bad.

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clang analyzer finding undefined behavior in C code like:

Kids have it too good these days with the whole being able to alt-tab from games without them breaking

Firefox Awesomebar: Correctly matches "mmbop" to "MMMBop" on youtube
Chrome Omnibar: Has no idea what you're talking about

Which browser do _you_ trust to bring you the best tunes?

A sophisticated programming GUI IDE is one that knows _how_ to print, but doesn't ask you about it if you press Ctrl-P by mistake

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Video: Type erasure in Rust C/FFI — structs, generics, trait objects youtube.com/watch?v=UnZVNoBC1R

Does anyone know any open source projects with the goal of providing the functionality of the Unifi Controller - routing/firewall/switching, wireless APs, traffic monitoring, and a friendly integrated UI? I'm aware of pfSense of course but it's at once overkill and only a part of the Unifi offering.

It seems many people I know have gone "full ubiquiti stack" - I have one of their APs and I see the appeal but it's all very locked in which sucks.

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I decided to only have a half-hearted crack at 2m/70cm FM for the Remembrance Day contest... but local calling frequencies are pile-up central, which is awesome. (You can re-work every 3 hours). I might hit 100 QSOs without even working that hard!

Far out, the irony when you click a Masto profile in a notification and read "FOSS-bros can f*** off"... Mastodon's technology is built on AGPL and multiple stepping-stone projects and protocols over many years by FOSS advocates. They suffered years of being ignored and ridiculed before Mastodon grew on what they made. I'll be first in line to critique FS fundamentalism but honestly... a little respect for those whose uncompromising grit gave us the opportunities we have today would be nice.

> Here’s a portion of the chapter “How to Catch a Drone”, in which Serena Williams helped test whether tennis serves could be an effective countermeasure against flying robots … by taking a drone out onto a court and hitting tennis balls at it until it crashed.

Me before Rust: Modern computers are ridiculously fast - maybe I can make do with an older computer or even something like a new raspberry pi.

Me now: Haha e-waste, about that... anyway more and bigger CPU please

Dr Barbara Holland explaining inaccurate pre-election polls by analogy of everyone copying everyone else putting out their recycling bins

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