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SGMII stands for “Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface.”

SGMII is a mode of
communication between the MAC and PHY to allow for 10/100/1000BASE-T
operation. In 100BASE-TX mode, the MAC still transmits to the PHY at 1.25 Gb/sec,
but each byte is repeated 10 times. The PHY then converts this repeated data to
100BASE-TX format. The process is the same in 10BASE-T mode but each byte is
repeated 100 times.

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Periodic reminder that SomaFM has an awesome ad-free trance internet radio station (among dozens of others) powered by listener donations

"In particular, the researchers said, the SSDs fail to link the owner's password to the actual data encryption key (DEK), both of which are stored in the drive."

Typing `ls` for no reason because you accidentally went too far back in time with ctrl-r and ctrl-s is doing flow control

The Internet Archive has a big collection of documents relating to the ARPANET including technical manuals and statistics about the cost in dollars of transferring kilobytes :)

The things you find just browsing the metasploit modules...

Hopefully if I put these next to each other they'll cancel out leaving only an ineffectual double click

Does anyone know about any thinking or projects in the about federated blogging? I've been reading a lot of blogs on Medium recently and wondering if there's any existing work bridging the gap between total centralisation and having to run/hire your own web host.

Conspiracy theory about the "Initiative Q" thing: its real purpose is to make a bunch of people think "hang on this system of distribution is complete bollocks" and then realise that's exactly how most cryptocurrency investing works once you strip away the blockchain noise

The council recently installed more complicated parking meters and so far the results are more or less what I expected

"Kernel RCE caused by buffer overflow in Apple's ICMP packet-handling code (CVE-2018-4407)"

PoC taking control of Philips Hue zigbee lights with a drone flying outside a building:

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Dear Fediverse, can you recommend me something on UX and UI for programmers?

I'm about to start developing a new native desktop application at work. I'll be the programmer there, but we don't have UX and UI designers, so I'll have to fill these roles too. I'd like to prepare a bit so the fail isn't too catastrophic :)

Reading now; "Design of Everyday Things" is up next. Where else can I get the core principles from?

"Power interprets regulation as damage and routes around it." - Prof Julie Cohen

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Bruce Schneier in : "In fact, I think that people moving their data and processing into the cloud is our most fruitful avenue for security improvements. Already, Google does a better job of securing our data than most individuals or small business can do themselves. Cloud providers have both the security expertise and economies of scale that individuals and small businesses lack; and anything that gives people security without their having to become security experts is a win."

TIL: bitsquatting captures traffic to domains where a memory error means a character gets changed by a single bit

I've been reading Bruce Schneier's "Click Here to Kill Everybody" and his description of the inexorable march toward ubiquitous connectivity is equal parts realistic and depressing. I hope there are more than a few of us who are willing to pay extra for things that aren't online.

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