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Commonplace books: diverse personal scrapbooks that were popular in the 17th and 18th centuries

I cannot recommend the pi-hole installer for an existing server

Clearly the most important feature of nmap

(Answer: A really disappointing apple. Shame they didn't ask first.)

Me: Maybe this pumpkin will grow better if I remove the tall grass
Possum: Hello what's this then

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What #facebook actually looks like to the rest of the Internet

I have new neighbours next door and my S4 noise on 147.575 MHz is gone. Good riddance to whatever TV/power supply/gizmo that was.

Irregular reminder that SomaFM has a big variety of online radio stations with ad-free aac/mp3 streams
And @SDF hosts Anonradio, a community station with interesting shows and DJs

Interesting new privacy-focused DNS service from Cloudflare (not an April fools joke)

@colegota Oh you moved accounts, see thread ^

@colegota Hi I'm not sure if Gitlab is sending notification emails but I have added a copyright/licence footer to the GNU social manuals. Let me know if it's unsuitable for any reason!

Bluetooth LE for Mobile, part 3 - making an iOS central with Core Bluetooth

"Reducing iOS App Size The Hard Way" - a story from my last job about stripping symbols from binaries