Jethro Tull: greatest prepositions
- Thick as a Brick (pts 1 & 2)
- Farm on the Freeway
- Rocks on the Road
- Bungle in the Jungle
- Living in the Past
- Songs from the Wood
- Jack in the Green
- Look into the Sun
- Back to the Family

The trouble with Rust is I read some article, think "oh yeah this makes sense", notice it was written 3 years ago and suddenly wonder whether I've been sold a pack of lies

I have no idea who or what spiceworks actually is but whenever I have a problem that shouldn't exist their forums seem to pop up in the search results

2019: Toot markdown
2020: Per-user CSS
2022: JS + WASM
2023: Google puts every user on the fediverse without asking but only shows toots that conform to AMP

"We don't use that kind of plug here, you'll need an adapter"

"Unfortunately, what compilers most love in the world is to prove that something is Undefined Behaviour. Undefined Behaviour means they can apply aggressive optimizations and make everything go fast! Usually by deleting all your code."
mem::uninitialized is deprecated

Fun fact about SHA digests: you can calculate them for a stream of bits that isn't divisible into 8-bit bytes

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The interesting thing about creating a Tokio Runtime, rather than using an async facility built into a platform like GCD, is that it makes explicit that you're lubricating your code with a bit of cheeky singleton sauce. Just a small dollop and it's lovely.

"Can We Please Not Do This Again:
Every single time there’s an election, somebody with a bunch of vested interests proposes taking our perfectly functional (and envy of the world) compulsory federal electoral system and putting it on a computer."

Rust has broken me. I can't even look at a normal Swift callback any more without thinking "hang on there's no way this will compile, look at it it's just going ahead and mutating instance properties"

It's petty but I reliably unfollow anyone using the word "praxis" outside a specific technical context. The authors probably don't mean it but I read far more pretentiousness into it than I can handle. "My views are not merely correct; they are also Good Praxis™. Yes it's a philosophy term, read a book"

"We were certain that more communication would make everything better. Arrogantly, we ignored history… We thought we were amplifying individuals in all their wonder and forgot about the cruelty, or at least assumed that good product design could wash that away." (spotted via @nolan)

"The Development of the C Language" by Dennis Ritchie - among many other things it explains the origin of "lint" and "a.out" and also how == wound up having operator precedence over &

An eyebrow-raising tidbit in Matrix's security mediation - having lost their Android signing key, there was a risk of being impersonated via a sideloaded APK so they had to create an entirely new app id and prompt users to switch manually (!)

FOSS people: This project did something shitty and the only response I know is to toot about it and look for alternatives
FOSS people: Why exactly are there no FOSS phones?

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as OSX, is in fact, OS X, or as I've taken to calling it recently, macOS,

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Funniest thing I have seen today is this marketing video of a ... terminal, which emulates a 1970s teletype. An essential read:

And the video:

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I have never seen a marketing video for a terminal before. I didn't expect Microsoft to be the first to do it, and do it so well..

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