Starting to catch up on WWDC videos. The semver package management is awesome, especially with the Xcode integration. Feels a lot like cargo, more go-ish with the git repo paths. I'll be interested to see if there are any hotfix woes with not being able to create a release with a subdependency tied to a branch or commit.

On the Swift side, big fan of the dynamic subscripts and property wrappers too.

I feel the imposter syndrome pretty strongly with rustlang. There are brilliant people seemingly lurking on every forum and behind every crate. But I'm pretty sure I understand some things about tokio now so I think I'm going to hazard some short videos. Working title "Dodgy Coding", just to hedge.

I'm pretty sure Cliff Stoll cycled past me today. Neat if true. I loved The Cuckoo's Egg.

This is cool - Debian is able to package rust crates in a way that the apt dependencies directly mirror the cargo dependencies:

The great tragedy of my life is that I spend half my time fretting about how much code there is in the world and the other half trying to write as much of it as possible. If this was an opera I'd end up run over by my own autonomous fridge.

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Mr. Snuggles is a Cat, and Cats aren't *exactly* Animals, so we can't love him! 😿

from #Rust's Rustonomicon

Props to the PeerTube team for another nice release! is now on 1.3.0 and I will have to worry much less about spam now I have auto-blacklisting at my disposal.

"Scripting language runtimes such as Python, Ruby, and Perl are included in macOS for compatibility with legacy software. Future versions of macOS won’t include scripting language runtimes by default"

Alas, having SimpleHTTPServer on every mac was pretty much its killer feature

I cannot wait for this new PeerTube release with the moderation queue. Every 1-2 days there are scammers creating accounts and uploading either popular movies or spam that looks like popular movies. We need enough servers to be moderating this stuff proactively that people don't even bother scripting attacks against PeerTube.

That's the fuzzy matching I'm after, right there

"We say that strings in these systems are encoded in potentially ill-formed UTF-16 or WTF-16."
Apart from the name this is an interesting discussion of UTF-16

I think most of my followers aren't from Australia, so here's a classic 80s pub rock song that almost any Australian could at least hum: (also "pub rock" was a significant category of music here for a while)

Note to netizens of the hashtag: somehow we have managed to claim for our own on the fediverse and it has slightly more traffic

Cargo's options for overriding dependencies via git or local path are wonderful. It makes it so much more likely that I'll tackle a bugfix for an upstream library when the barrier to building and testing is so low.

You know a GitHub project is the Real Deal when it has at least 3 green badges at the top of its readme

Clipboards! As Steve Jobs would say, "there's a crate for that!"

It is kind of a cool trick that the NFS host can reboot and everything else will just wait in stasis for 5 mins

Hmm the entire @SDF netbsd cluster crashed at the exact instant I pressed enter to send a message in irssi. I can't help but feel responsible.

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