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Programmer friends: Many of us have deeply-ingrained habits of making fun of whichever languages, tools, OSes, etc we don't personally use. Please don't. I highly recommend reading Aurynn Shaw's essay on "Contempt Culture", which I have to revisit myself periodically:

@jamey This is a very good essay.

Also, a fellow New Zealander! Yay!

We Kiwis/Australians (even the white ones) have a whole *backpack* of baggage about being second-class citizens because we're neither American nor British and have completely different seasons and yet have to keep trying to be American to invisibly blend into the English-speaking Internet.

You'd think that experience would make us more tolerant but it doesn't, always.

@natecull So of course we take it out on each other :)

@tk Marmite vs Vegemite: They Must Fight Eternally

Tom K

@natecull That and pavlova

(though between you and me I think you have that one)

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